Counsels for the Graduation Class of 2021 in an Upside Down World

The class of 2021 emerges from an upside-down year. Rarely have graduates faced such a chaotic combination of events that shattered the normality of life as we once knew it. The never-ending COVID crisis and its disastrous lockdown policies destroyed normal social life. We experienced a summer of rioting and discontent that could again reignite. … Read more

We Must Not Ask Our Police to Do the Impossible

We are asking our police officers to do the impossible. In the present atmosphere of great decadence, they cannot keep order. We have saddled them with the task of enforcing the law while constantly undermining it through our culture. Until we address this contradiction, the police’s task will be an exercise in futility. The Wrong … Read more

Six Reasons Why Catholics Must Oppose Critical Race Theory

A political theory stands behind the racial unrest shaking the nation. It employs expressions like “systemic racism” to describe the nation’s attitude toward racial relationships. The theory is called Critical Race Theory (CRT). It has long incubated in leftist academia. Its central thesis makes race the prism through which all aspects of life must be … Read more

How the Saints Practiced Charity Not Philanthropy

Have you ever wondered about the difference between Catholic charity and modern philanthropy? Both care for the poor’s material needs. However, true Catholic charity adds two very important elements—supernatural vision and aid. Indeed, infinitely more can be done with the aid of God, Our Lady, the angels and saints. The saints saw this and applied … Read more

I Survived COVID-19. Why I Refuse to Live in Fear

This topic is so volatile it demands a disclaimer. My account does not intend to insult those who fear dying from this virus or be insensitive to those who have lost loved ones. I do not wish to diminish the threat it poses to vulnerable people, especially the elderly, or cheapen the sacrifice of health … Read more

Are Parents Losing Their Children to the “Whole Child” Deception?

The world of education is replete with buzzwords – those terms or pithy phrases that sound optimistic but often mask a dark reality. One of them is “whole child,” and another is a more technical-sounding  “Social-Emotional Learning,” which means the same thing. “Whole child” programs promote children’s mental health. The programs share two common factors. … Read more

Green Madness Tries to Destroy the Netherlands

In early 2020, I had the honor of editing the book Green is the New Red, which was put together by a study committee of the Civitas Christiana Foundation. We sought to denounce the environmentalist maneuvers and help the Netherlands face the threats that, in the name of ecology, daily menace the sectors that still … Read more

Astonishing: How the Establishment Sold Out to Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan has just sold his entire 600-song catalog to Universal Music Publishing Group for an estimated $300 million. The move is highly symbolic yet hardly surprising. The 79-year-old artist has always been a paradoxical and symbolic character on the American music scene. The sixties folk singer became a rebel of the counterculture that rejected … Read more

Why Too Many Choices Drive You Crazy. Prudence is the Solution!

Many claim the inebriating idea of unlimited choice is an expression of a marvelous consumer culture. They might even say that the frenetic intemperance of having endless possibilities is the essence of freedom. It does not matter if people cannot exercise even a fraction of these options as long as the choices are there. In … Read more

Anti-Racism Will Hurt the People It Pretends to Help

In education circles, the current catchphrase is “anti-racism.” It replaces the idea that the best way to eliminate racism was to be deliberately “colorblind.” For decades, public schools saw themselves as fighting racism by being colorblind. Non-Racist or Anti-Racist? The handbook of the new movement is How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi. … Read more