One Word Missing in the Election Debates

scrabble-tiles-906404_960_720-300x235 One Word Missing in the Election Debates

“Everything can be found save the missing word, so necessary to fix our nation’s problems at its very core.”

Listening to the rhetoric in the present political cycle, there seems to be a missing word.

It is not “angst” or “frustration,” neither “equality” nor “jobs” or even the latest buzzword, “establishment.”

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All these words are thrown around in the present debate. Being true politicians, candidates pepper their speeches with them, while promising everything to maximize voter benefits and placate their concerns. The word “anti-establishment” is now all the rage, even among those who actually benefited from being part of it.

The race is like an electoral supermarket, where voters can find all these words and promises, but it seems to do little to satisfy their agitated mood.

One aisle offers lower taxes (for most) or higher taxes (on others), free healthcare, free college, and jobs of every size and shape. Down another aisle, one can find less bureaucracy, fewer government programs, or increased military spending. There are special displays for classic socialism or socialism lite. Everything can be found save the missing word, so necessary to fix our nation’s problems at its very core.

Two factors help explain voter discontent and the need for this missing word in the present debates.

The first is an internal factor: America’s institutions are crumbling. They no longer provide the solutions they once did. High on the list are government institutions that burden society with the weight of their cost and the rigidity of their regulations. To this can also be added declining schools, communities and churches.

Behind these crumbling institutions are the ruins of broken lives and relationships. One can also see the effects of hurried and stressful lives lived in what might be called the frenetic intemperance of the times where everyone must have everything instantly and effortlessly. And when one is not given everything, there are resentful cries of “unfairness” and “injustice” against a broken “establishment.”

That is why there are desperate calls for replacements or solutions that harken back to better times. Behind the anti-establishment angst is a desire for a quick fix to reconstruct the old establishment the way it used to be before it went awry, or to try new alternatives that offer an easy way out. Anything, that is, save one based on the key missing word, which no one dares to mention.

There is a second factor behind the discontent. This one is external. The old world order is breaking down. America is threatened by Islamic terrorism, global economic downturns, and disastrous foreign policy decisions. The world is a mess. People feel the uncertainty and insecurity of new world disorder.

Both factors are causing an immense anxiety that nothing in the electoral supermarket of benefits, free stuff and jobs can assuage. What is needed, and needed now, is the missing word lacking amid so much rhetoric. That word is sacrifice.

The crisis that the nation now faces is so huge that it will not be resolved without a spirit ofRTO-Audiobook-AD-medium-res-300x250 One Word Missing in the Election Debates sacrifice on the part of all Americans. Candidates need to have the courage to make this call that so contradicts a frenetically intemperate world. Such a call also presupposes higher ideals and causes that inspire people to selfless action.

Some might object that a call to sacrifice is political suicide in today’s climate. The supermarket is the safer course. But the nation’s history testifies to the contrary.

Whenever the call to sacrifice sounds, Americans rise to the occasion with great valor, Americans have always responded with touching dedication and generous hearts as they defend other and aid nations in distress. The sacrifices of American soldiers hold a special place in the hearts of most Americans who are deeply moved by their devoted service and selflessness, especially those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and did not return.

Sacrifice. A noble word. And one missing in the debates. It’s not the only word needed, but it is a good start.

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  • jrj90620

    I think sacrifice will be forced onto us.You can see it in the recent 0 increase in Social Security,when actual inflation is nearer 5%,than phony govt statistics.Wait until the strong Dollar takes a fall.You’re going to see more sacrifice.Reality always wins in the long run.

    • yerfackingmammy

      That’s not sacrifice. It’s theft.

  • It’s true; returning our country to moral and fiscal soundness is going to require sacrifice on the part of all of us. Unfortunately, this is something most voters don’t want to hear. Can you imagine THE DONALD asking us to sacrifice? His scamming of America would become obvious and he would lose his lead in the polls in my opinion.

    • Magdalen Mauldin

      You are so right, Mike. I could not have said it better than you. If America does not start turning to God for help, we will be forced to make SACRIFICES!!!

    • salesgirl

      The Donald doesn’t know the meaning of sacrifice. The man has declared bankruptcy and divorced how many times? That means he expects others to make sacrifices TO HIM, he will not sacrifice for others. He has shown no sign of repentance – quite the opposite. …to borrow an old expression, his mouth is still busy writing checks his butt has no intention of cashing

  • chet

    I don’t really think lack of the mention of “sacrifice” is telling. Jimmy Carter was all about sacrifice–turning down our thermostats for the totally engineered energy “crisis.” And just wait until all the restrictions for global “warming” begin to take place. All of a sudden you’ll wish it’s a word you won’t hear. The missing word is “GOD.”

    • Brian

      go one further Chet –Jesus Christ; i think despite Peter Kreeft, good intentions not withstanding, that god believers if not the Trinity (and Bride) are more dangerous than agnostics, even thinking atheists if that is not an oxymoron

  • Observant OsWald OosterHosen

    The only word missing that makes any difference is CONSTITUTION!!!!!!…And holding all who took a vow, under God, to abide by it, accountable is all that matters!!!

  • DavidMacko

    The traitors who have misled us should sacrifice their liberties and/or their lives. Undoubtedly, the catastrophe which is being planned, especially the economic collapse, will cause more painful sacrifice to us victims but lets not glorify it or promote it.

  • John Ritchie

    To remain faithful to God requires sacrifice, sometimes great sacrifice. Living in a culture that has largely turned its back on God, or openly turned against Him, we must be willing to hold fast and fight for what is right and true, and that calls for personal sacrifice — above and beyond politics.

  • mister malted

    Do you mean the Constitution when it is convenient? We have just lost a strong constitutionalist with the passing of Justice Scalia. That same constitution he so rigeriously defended calls for the sitting President to appoint his successor.


      It is not the presidents job to appoint the next successor – THE AMERICAN PEOPLE should be allowed to do so by electing someone who will return the constitution and ORDER to our government, starting with the Supreme Court who are supposed to define laws not make them up as they have been doing.


    Mr. Horvat said that SACRIFICE is a GOOD START not the only word that was missing as someone replied below. Sacrifice is a lost word these days – so many are afraid of it. Mr. Ritchie has it right when he says that remaining faithful to God requires sacrifice. Most people are looking to be entertained, having things easy in life by having most, if not all things, given to them because they feel they are entitled. It is unfortunate that this is the mentality these days but if people realized that everything comes from God and that we owe Him our very lives, then maybe sacrifice wouldn’t be such a scary word. We need to look at the character of the people we put into office, not the things they promise they will do for us or give us. We need to be willing to sacrifice like generations did before us to make things better for the generations that come after us, even if things will be harder for a while for us. (Give up some things now to make things better for the future.)

    • mister malted

      Sir, I respectfully suggest that you read the Constitution. It
      is the President’s job to appoint Supreme Court justices. The American public, to which you refer, does
      have input into the process. It is by
      the confirmation or rejection by the officials they elected to the Senate. Hence, the Senate blocking the process actually
      denies the American public their input.


        The senate hasn’t been listening to the American people for quite some time now. Yes, it is the president’s job, however, since this one doesn’t listen to the American people, it would be in our best interest to wait until we have a president that actually listens to the American people. However, our government has been ‘broken’ for a long time now so I don’t expect much improvement.

  • Anne

    The first word came to my mind is “GOD”

  • Edward Koestner

    The more people live by and to gratify their animal instincts, the more they move away from God and away from the sacrifices that we must make to stay united to Him. John Horvat’s book Return to Order is like saying Return to God. That’s what we need.

  • John Burke

    Sacrifice is an honorable thing and can solve a lot of problems. But sacrifice implies something given voluntarily. When taken from us involuntarily or unknowingly is more appropriately called theft or extortion. That’s what has been happening for years now because of our debt based monetary system. Back in 1913 Congress gave their constitutional right to issue our currency to the Federal Reserve Bank. Their Federal Reserve Notes then became our currency which they loaned to us at interest of course, and the biggest borrower became our government who obligated us to repayment by income taxes. They also loaned to other banks who through fractional reserve banking further multiply the amount of money in circulation. According to my banker $4.50 is all he needs to write me a $100 loan. So that puts $95.50 more in the economy as long as I have the loan. Pay back the loan in a year with 4 1/2% interest and he gets his $4.50 back, the $95.50 disappears, and he gets $4.50 interest—100% return on his investment. Unless he requires 100% collateral on the loan and I default in which case he gets $100 worth of car, house, business, stocks or whatever collateral I’ve offered for his $4.50. That’s an even better return so why why wouldn’t he want me to default?
    Anybody else see a problem here beyond frenetic intemperance?
    For a good understanding of the history of money and banking and a solution to the problem go to The
    Temperance, sacrifice, all other Christian virtues—yes. Within a system of organized thievery— no! The thievery has got to go!

    • salesgirl

      Did not one our Founders sagely advise “Neither a borrower nor lender be?” Usury is a conspiracy – takes two to tango. But our nation is addicted to irresponsibility and living beyond one’s means

  • Mary Larkin

    I needed that word and lesson to bring me into a more giving mode…it taught me humility!
    “The most powerful weapon to conquer the Devil is humility”

    St. Vincent de Paul

    • yerfackingmammy

      If I click + does it mean I don’t have it?

  • danna wanna

    What we need is a country improvement plan, a “new deal” and that means congress must ram through numerous job bills for every state infrastructure work. once revenues areflowing for goods for the work and lots of wages for many new workers, taxes will come in big time and government debts will go down quickly. there will be a multiplier effect. the last thing you need is to cut spending drastically in all sectors as we would spiral down soon and taxes stop coming in and you want the opposite… leave taxes alone for now as the idiot bush dropped taxes when we had big surpluses and down america went. our welfare now like it or not prohibits a tax drop and jobs for the poorly educated are going away.. revenues must come on in…………………..

  • Vince

    I think that we have become a nation of ME’s- Give ME; What’s in it for ME; Let ME go first ;Let ME get ahead of everyone in traffic ; Let ME have that new Tech toy first. Let ME sit up front in the best seats. Make sure everyone sees ME ; Let ME be the center of attention; give ME that toy because I want it. Give ME without working for it or sacrificing to get it. I could go on and on and on. Our society has to get back to WE . God said we are here to serve one another, and He will take care of the rest .Love one another. Love still is the greatest commandment of them all.

  • MaryB435

    Other important words that are missing are: “VIRTUE”, and “SELF-RESTRAINT”.

  • Katrinka Yobotz
    • Edward Koestner

      Does Tom have much of a following? Never heard of him. I think Mr. Horvat is referring to the candidates in the debates.

      • Cousin_Ken

        He is part of the organic Christian society you seek.

        • Edward Koestner

          Thanks. I’ll have to look him up.