The ‘Weinsteinization’ of Everything Rotten

800px-Harvey_Weinstein_2010_Time_100_Shankbone-221x300 The ‘Weinsteinization’ of Everything RottenThe spectacular fall of Harvey Weinstein represents more than just the rejection of the appalling behavior of a Hollywood mogul. Rather, it is the unsurprising confirmation that Hollywood is rotten. The behavior of Hollywood producers and actors merely reflects the movies with their violence, immorality, and profanity.

As the Weinstein case broadens to include others outside Hollywood, the new scandals serve as a stinging indictment of the whole liberal establishment that has long tolerated the most blatant promiscuity. Behind the glittering appearance of celebrity, the dark and ugly shadow of perversity now comes to light. The scandals cannot help but cause outrage and disgust.

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With their customary shrewdness, however, liberals are using the scandals to advance their cause. The whole affair is being framed as a male dominance narrative. The acts of all males must now be questioned and scrutinized. Even more mystifying is how liberals, who have long condemned conservatives for their moral judgments, have suddenly set themselves up as zealous moral judges.

Destroying the Moral Barriers that Maintain Order

They failed to see that this is a case of moral rot. Like a house with termites, eventually the supporting structures are undermined, and everything comes crashing down. This is what is now happening in the case of the scandals. Everything is rotten. Anything and anyone can come crashing down.

Nothing makes a society rot more than the removal of the moral barriers that maintain order. When there is no definition of right and wrong, any act is possible. When relationships between the sexes are no longer protected by marriage, modesty and honor, unrestraint will rule. Promiscuity will dominate in a society which will claim acts have no consequences. All is permitted, and it is forbidden to forbid.

When unrestraint reigns, it is only a matter of time before even the barriers of consent are brought down. That is why society is full of violence and perversity, now laid bare in the Weinstein case. The defense mechanisms have been removed. And now the victims come forward.

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Failing to Address the Causes

Normally the exposure of evil is a step toward addressing the causes of the problem. Tragically, this is not the case with the new scandals.

The exposure of the sexual predators not only avoids the real cause of the problem but only makes matters worse. The self-appointed judges, especially those in the media, will do nothing to rebuild the moral barriers that are the only way to protect society from sexual predators. These judges have no desire to return to a moral order. In most cases, they will continue to promote a climate of promiscuity reflected in their lifestyles and hostility to morality.

Instead of blaming the unbridled passions that will not accept limits, they blame the rotten structures and institutions that remain in society. They will never embrace the moral barriers that not only protect victims but also prevent abusers from abusing.

“Weinsteinizing” Everything Rotten

In America today, this process of decadence has advanced to the point that everything rotten can now be “Weinsteinized.” The media can target just about any institution, group or individual by highlighting their rottenness.

What does Saint Thomas Aquinas say about Marriage?

Once the foundations of Christian order are dismantled, even the defense mechanisms themselves can be targeted. The structures of the family have so declined that no relationship is sacred anymore. The moral standards of communities have so deteriorated that they become agents of decay. Fashions that should safeguard modesty have now become hypersexualized and made everything sensual and erotic. Even the innocence of youth and children is not spared as they are recruited into the vanguard of the cultural revolution. Indeed, little remains, save the savage rage of liberals railing against the crisis they created.

A rotten culture that has long taught men that “everything goes” is now turning on those who pursued this norm with great passion. The liberal society that has long corrupted men now aims to destroy any remnants of what is termed “patriarchy.”

By this selective denunciation of all things rotten, everything can be questioned, doubted, and made indefensible. Every sign of rot can be exploited to bring down institutions and moral standards. Worse yet, nothing takes the place of the destroyed structures. The result is a fragmented society in which all are left to their own devices. There is no trust in anything, and things fall apart.

Opposing “Weinsteinization”

The only way to fight this process of “Weinsteinization” is to refuse the false narratives that drive the process forward. The fact that society is rotten must be acknowledged as the cause of the scandals. Until this reality is admitted, there will be no real solutions.

Those who defend order must oppose this selective process and continue to uphold what remains of morality which is the only true solution. They must have the courage to imagine a return to Christian order. Above all, they must confide in God who will not abandon those who defend His cause.

  • Paul Tran

    Weinstein is just the tip of what is rotten in Hollywood. There are many others like him in the entertainment industry, in politics and even in the Church. We are witnessing the decay of moral in society, and it won’t be long till Christ returns.

    • Carmen Sepulveda

      I think that is the only thing going to straighten things out. Unfortunately, it will probably come in the form of mushroom clouds.

      • Paul Tran

        Let’s hope it won’t come to that but I do have a niggling feeling you might be right (sigh)

  • Leonard Martinez

    The left has a false narrative for everything. The left eschews morality because it is the epitome of immorality. Whether they like it or not, the left owns Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Pol Pot, Robert Mugabe, et al. The left denies the existence of evil, but how else can you describe the creatures of leftist death-dealing and destruction? The left is the modern world’s beast, dragon and antichrist, and if he doesn’t wait too long, our Lord will consume it with his breath at his coming.

  • Phil Alcoceli

    We are reaping the repulsive, disgusting, heinous consequences of the Liberal Satanic Gospel Of False Love And Freedom and they will not accept any fault. The biggest functional psychopathic dogma of Liberalism is to never, ever accept responsibility for the consequences of their disastrous ideas, programs, immorality, indoctrination and “social justice”. It’s well known that psychopaths have no remorse, no conscience and no real feelings which makes them the ultimate liars.

    We nee a lot of prayer and intimate communion with Jesus to have the strength, stamina and determination to stamp out Liberal Insanity, the Ultimate Anti-Human Perversion. Accepting full responsibility for our sacred duties to FIGHT for the honor of God, family, church and others is the best weapon against the ultimate, cowardly, responsibility dodgers and haters. The Bible is a fight from beginning to end not a pacifist book of delusion and comfort. Only Holy Trinity Love warriors will see the ultimate reward of Heaven. True Love is always ready to FIGHT, like Jesus, while impostor love always compromises and surrenders!!

  • David C

    The ‘Sexual Revolution’ has finally succeeded in corrupting society. We must refuse to join in the corruption it personifies and stand for what is moral and right under Christ’s and His apostles’ teachings in the Church. We therefore stand as living testament to the purity of the Churches’ teachings. Say NO to this corruption and teach your children against it! God Bless!

    • Eric

      If you don’t teach your children to reject it, you will very likely lose them to society. It’s too pervasive and too seductive. Kids today are being raised in Sodom & Gomorrah. The tragedy is even after Lot’s daughters escaped their home town, they showed from their sins with their father they’d been deeply influenced by it. I fear for my kids’ souls — and all kids who will grow up in the moral sewer of contemporary Western society.

      • David C

        Eric, That is why you teach your children from babyhood against it. As the bible says (Proverbs 22:5,6) ” 5 Thorns and snares are in the way of the forward: he that doth keep his soul shall be far from them.
        6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

        • Eric

          I agree: you should do those things, and as mine get old enough to understand, I do them. But I’ve seen multiple faithful Catholic families, some Latin Mass attendees, lose their kids to the world. Everyone has free choice, and anyone can use it to turn from God — even when they know the truths of the faith, have good parents and attend good liturgies. We live in evil times, and kids are surrounded by temptation and peer pressure from a very early age.

          • KareemAbdul

            Trust in Our Lady and in Christ: remember the lost sheep.

            Love Love Love.

            Join the Auxlium Christianorum.

            God bless

        • Fran Ingram

          Sorry, but all the personal training and private religious education cannot save our children from peer pressure and repulsive teachers.

          • Carmen Sepulveda

            And parents who do not take the care in raising their children that other parents do. Some parents don’t because they are too busy working and in effect their children are raising themselves. We used to call them Latchkey children. Other parents don’t because they are part of the Me generation who are too self-involved to take time to raise their children. Usually these parents are more interested in drugging, drinking, and sex than their children. Many of the single parent female households invite men into their lives whose real interest is preying on their children. I lived next door to one such sow whose home resembled Yankee Stadium with men coming and going. All her children are totally screwed up in the head. One little 10 year old girl thinks she is a boy, the other little 8 year old girl has been institutionalized on more than one occasion, the 16 year old boy has already been arrested numerous times, and the 6 year old little boy walks around with a dazed look talking to himself all the time. Everyone of these children have different absentee and totally uninvolved fathers. Unfortunately, there seem to be more of these people around today than married family couples. My sister says we are now officially living in The Age of the Lowlife. I think she’s right.

          • Fran Ingram

            Carmen and David C…I considered Catholic witinessing at home and at the parochial school same as home schooling if parents are involved in all activities of their children. BUT…we cannot be with them every minute unless we keep them in a cage. There are abusive religous teachers, clergy, and even the close friend. I attend Catholic Church with Catholics who do not know their faith and who do not care to know it for it may put restrictions on their lifestyle..but they faithfully sit in the pew every Sunday. Plus i know adults who are outstanding Catholics who lived in abusive homes when they were young, but through the Holy Spirit they were saved. Free will takes priority over all environment including parents and education. So if you did all the “right things” and your children became outstanding Catholics, count your blessigns. If your children decided to follow their own freewill and follow the evil one, still count your blessings as long as you have breath left in you to keep praying for them. I also witnessed church going Catholic families who enjoy wonderful Thanksgivings and Christmas dinners with their adult children and grandchildren while accepting the homosexual lifestyle in to their homes. And I sit at a table for one since my husband died and can only offer the tears up for I witness to my faith no matter what my children have chosen. So please do not judge others unless you walked in their shoes.

          • David C

            I know people who home-school kids for that reason. Those kids usually come out with a better education and opportunity for further education than public school kids have. And the parents can train them the right way, up through senior grade High School. By the time kids turn 20 their views are pretty much set. There will always be poor teachers and poor parents, but there also are good ones.

          • David C

            My father was a High School teacher all of his life. He raised us the right way, even though we went to public schools.

        • Gabrielle Jones

          I agree with you..however we raised our children praying,attending Mass weekly,Catholic school K-12,and not one attends Mass,their children are unbaptized,have no religious instruction. My heart is broken…I am afraid they will go to Hell. They all live as if they never heard of God’s law. The Church and school gave them watered down teaching.I did my best to give them true Catholic teaching,but this is the result. I am glad that I did raise them as I did,because,had I not, they probably would be much worse than they are.

          • MissChris

            Awww. I will pray for your family. I did me kids catechism classes and have been a good example for them. They are 19 and 17 and generally good people. But I wonder about their choices that I am nut aware of. Don’t worry about hell for them. Let’s just keep asking God to help them make Godly choices. Bless you

          • Marie Halligan

            Just keep praying for them and loving them with all your heart! I myself am a revert- I lapsed and went right off the right path,ended up a single mum on state benefits, but thanks be to God I have come back to the fullness of my faith and I am sure it’s because my parents never stopped praying for me and never gave up on me,no matter how cross and disappointed in me they were! I also believe Christ has enormous patience and has always been waiting for me to come back! Keep your heart up, what you have taught them will never totally wither so long as you keep praying and showing them you love them! God bless!

          • Gabrielle Jones

            Thank you all so much for your encouraging words! I pray for them constantly,say the rosary daily for their conversion,and I treat them with love,as always. I also take care of their children almost daily,and have taught them their Catholic catechism and prayers. They love to pray and go to Mass with me. My kids know that if they want me to take care of their children,God and prayer are part of it,because they are part of me.

          • Monica

            Your story sounds like mine Gabrielle. All six children of mine and none go near a church all grandchildren have no knowledge of the faith its so heart breaking and I to wonder and fear about them going to hell but of course hell is never talked about at Mass anymore so everyone thinks they are going to Heaven, sin is glorified and good works is considered as nothing, no charity no love oh I could go on and on. So very sad and Jesus is pretty much mocked everywhere makes one wonder how long must it all go on.

          • KareemAbdul

            Not mocked in my home. Despair not!

            Be part of the Church Militant.

            Pray the Rosary daily.

          • Leslie Joseph Scheelar

            The apostasy (falling away) is described in the bible and I think we (the world) are headed for one massive correction (tribulation) these things must take place as prophesy dictates, before Jesus comes the second time. The human race never learns, Answer PRAY PRAY and more prayer. SOS save our souls. According to certain Church men like Pope Leo 13 he described a terrible vision he had wherein Satan appeared before Jesus and was granted approx 100 years to defeat the church. This was approx 1914 or so. Revelevent dates Fatima 13 Oct 1914, Russian revolution approx same time. One hundred years expiration date 2017. God will not be mocked forever, Mankind has to be purified AGAIN much like the Flood in Noahs time Approx 100 plus Marian site the mother of Jesus directs PRAY THE ROSARY DAILY. ALSO PRAY FOR THOSE WHO OPPOSE YOU INCLUDING THOSE OF OTHER FAITHS. The DEVIL is roaming the world seeking the ruin of souls as the St Michael prayer outlines. This prayer was composed by POPE LEO 13 as a way to crush SATAN. ALSO hOLLYWOOD IS THE PLAYROOM OF SATAN AND MANY OF HIS FALLEN ANGELS. TV promotes all sorts of forbidden things sleeping together without benefit of marriage (used to be known as Fornication, now Gay marriage being a transgender. They might as well make everything legal or OK and we are just about at that stage in Secular society already. Forbid prayer in Schools etc (this was done in 1963 in USA) What the stats from that date onward. Once the family unit was destroyed, the rest of the downslide was easy. Unfortunately our material world erroneously demands both parents work and turn the kids over to tv as babysitters or I phones. Somewhere the bible states you cannot love God and money. You will either hate one and love the other. Another part states WHAT DOES IT PROFIT A MAN IF HE GAIN THE WHOLE WORLD AND LOSE HIS IMMORTAL SOUL May God Bless and Protect us all.

          • KareemAbdul

            Did you/ Do you pray the Rosary daily?

            If not, please start.

            If you do already – wonderful.

            Look up the Auxilium Christianorum and Father Chad Ripperger.

          • Gary De Freitas

            Never give up . Be like Monica praying for her son Augustine who both later became Saints. These are tough times for Children to mature in. They have to be like Salmons swimming against the tide of these times. God grace is still sufficient. Prayer does wonders. Bring them before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament together with other peoples children and let God to his thing.My wife was just confiding with me of a husband we know that was very involved in Church and fell away in adultery with some one half his age. My wife encouraged his wife to hold on. For many a time I saw his wife in the Blessed Sacrament room, for hours sometimes. I am happy to say after a couple years he suddenly return to Church sobbing after mass for over an hour. His Children even asked, whats wrong with Daddy? Why is he sobbing so much ? He came and apologized to his wife and family and now is fully involved in ministry. To God be the glory! I will pray for you and others in a similar state. Lets live the Gospel.God bless.

          • Sheilagh Hardy

            We see this having happened to so many families and it is heartbreaking as parents have trusted their children are in good hands. We have taken a lot of criticism having brought our children up in St Pius X . We could never afford private or Catholic schools so they were Sent to public schools and today they are all strong Catholics thanks be to God as we are far from saints. Say your daily rosaries and put your children in the hands of Our Blessed Mother. Don’t ever give up.

    • Andie

      The real hallmark of Catholicism has always been the opposition to the spirit of the world. This was clear to Catholics and non Catholics alike before the revolution in the Church in the 1960’s. The new church has capitulated and welcomed the spirit of the world. Now there is no difference in divorce rates, for example, between Catholics and their pagan neighbors. We are supposed to be different, and even visibly so. We are supposed to be recognized by our pagan neighbors for our charity as a good example to them.

    • Mike Powers


  • Eric

    Liberalism is increasingly revealed as deceitful and manipulative, but those who’ve accepted some of its tenants or worse, built part or all of their lives on them, are loath to admit it or turn away from it. I thought some in my family who defended abortion but rejected homosexuality would turn from liberalism in the great gay push, but they merely accepted the gay rights mantras. I expect they’ll accept transgenderism next. Acceptance of moral error begats acceptance of more moral error. “If the light in you be darkness, the darkness itself, how great it shall be!”

    It’s obvious liberalism’s advocacy of sexual libertinism is a key underpinning of the Weinstein scandal & most/all others like his — but also no surprise at all they would “never waste a good scandal” and not miss the chance to twist people’s revulsion to something that would serve their own ends. Liberalism like communism it sired, is irredeemable. It’s father is obviously the devil, and it advances by his power and according to his designs. It cannot be converted and certainly cannot be “dialoged” or compromised with and can only be resisted in society — though it must be rejected by the individual, lest he perish in it. In the end, it’ll be destroyed, but I suspect that won’t happen until either Christ returns or some great cataclysmic event or Divine chastisement obliterates it from the earth.

    • Judith Pohlers

      I think the answer lies with the First Commandment; love God and His created ones regardless of how many ism’s they profess. Ism’s themselves are today’s golden calves. We need more quiet time with our souls to reflect on our own goodness and blessings. Lock out the media, unplug the phone. Now…I’ll try to do these things myself.

      • Eric

        My family never watches TV. My wife and I share a smart phone as a land line and I don’t want the kids to get one. They’re too young (so far) to surf the internet. But all their friends will be raised in far more permissive homes. Then what? I fear their choice will be to keep their parents’ faith and suffer great isolation from a young age — or make moral compromises to have friends & dates and by degrees slide into the world.

        Yes, I love the family that raised me, but I feel like a dislocated arm. I converted & they refused. We’ve gone further down our separate paths growing further apart as time passes. They refuse to talk about anything of much substance, choosing social peace and civility to the hard and painful work of talking about substance that divides us. They have long loved liberal intellectualism, and it is far advanced in destroying them. Human respect takes many forms.

        Traditional spiritual writing doesn’t advise contemplating one’s own goodness, but God’s and one’s own sins and God’s mercy. I agree we should “give thanks at all times and in all places.” I’m a father and can’t totally lock out the news. We never go to movies, but someone in my house needs to keep up with current events. German (or European) Jews in the 30’s who simply ignored what they didn’t want to hear likely didn’t have very high survival rates.

        • KareemAbdul

          Do you listen to Father Chad Ripperger on YouTube?

          Find him on the Sensus Fidelium channel on YouTube.

          Lead! God bless you, father and husband.

          Keep hope and trust in Our Lady

          • Eric

            Fr Ripperger’s a good priest – or was when I read his “Latin Mass” articles years ago and visited his parish once. But no, I’ve not seen his videos on YouTube.

            Oh, believe me, I lead. 😉 My wife is probably as stubborn as I am, but we agree on most of the really important things. I follow the example of my Dad & my grandfathers when it comes to discipline. No psycho-babble in this house. But do what’s necessary and sufficient & leave be. No need to use a nuclear weapon when a stern word will do.

            As for Our Lady: St Lious de Montfort is my most frequent spiritual reading outside of the Bible. (Though I’ve got to admit, I need to be far more consistent in following his ‘True Devotion’ than I have been.)

    • Qwertytude

      Excellent comment. Very well said!

  • Castellano

    God, our Father in heaven, holy is your name.You created us human beings in you image and likeness, according to your holy word. Thank you for giving us this honor. Male and female you created mankind. Thank you for the the gifts of the sanctity of marriage, and of the sanctity of life and the fruits that these gifts produce; husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, children, grandchildren, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, in a word families. May you always protect these gifts of love and life. May we always cherish, honor, and protect these gifts as well. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

  • Mr. Horvat wrote, “Worse yet, nothing takes the place of the destroyed structures. The result is a fragmented society in which all are left to their own devices.”

    But that is only an interim stage in the progressive master plan. The final goal, after all other institutions are undermined, is for the central government to seize control.


    I’m proud of YOU Vanessa! A faithful conservative voice from somebody in their 20s is rare indeed. You are our hope for the future. Stay faithful, live for Him, and fight that good fight. God bless you dear one. David.

  • DWhite

    Think back to 1963 when Madeline Murry managed to get prayer and the teaching of morals thrown out of our schools. Our whole society has done nothing but go downhill since. Each generation was worse than the last. I am 82 years old now, I have sadly watched this happen. Without morals we are nothing! Jesus can’t come soon enough for me.

    • KareemAbdul

      You are still part of the Church Militant.

      Break out your Rosary and fight!

      • Eric

        I’ve got to ask… Where are you from, Kareem? You speak like a devout Catholic but I wouldn’t expect based only on your name.

        • MissChris

          I’m delightfully interested too. I’ve got a feeling Kareem is a convert and I’m so blown away by such conversions.

          • KareemAbdul

            Just a poor sinner.

            Please pray for me, and I for you.

    • Gabrielle Jones

      I agree with you on all counts.

  • thetruthaboutreality

    Right on! This article’s simple eloquence almost reaches the height of poetry at times, impossible unless you have mastered your subject.

  • Today I read a great article on, of all places, The Daily Beast. It argued that predators like Weinstein were given the green light when feminists rushed to the defense of Bill Clinton in the midst of the revelations of his sex crimes. The lesson learned was that celebrities could get away with molesting women – especially if they had a solid record of progressive politics.

    Similar articles are now appearing all over the place, from the NY Times to Fox News, asking whether it is finally time for Bill Clinton to get his just deserts for raping Juanita Broaddrick and molesting countless other women – and for his feminist defenders to face up to their treason against women.

    • Eric

      Notice liberals started asking if Bill C. should be punished only AFTER he was out of (his maximum allowed two terms of) office and no longer of any use to them. Ditto Weinstein whose string of wildly popular movies was long since over — and many others whose alleged faults liberal journals have exposed. Whenever the political, financial or other chips are down, the press would do all in its power to protect Bill, Weinstein, Hillary, Obama or any other of their own because they want to get or keep those of like mind into high political office or places of great cultural influence. The left might throw them under the bus — but only after they’ve served their purpose.

      I think misogynous, abusive men in positions of power have long existed. I read a Breitbart article about Hollywood actresses from the 1920-1950’s on who were forced to have abortions to keep their careers, and the “casting couch” of movie moguls prior to the 60’s. I don’t think Hollywood’s rot is because of Bill C. He may well have made it worse, but he didn’t start it.

      • KareemAbdul

        Indeed, Weinstein did one dirtier trick of all: he went after Big Pharma.

        That’s a no-no

        • Eric

          You may be right – but sequence doesn’t necessarily mean causality. It’s at least an “interesting coincidence.” Lots of people are very suspicious of big pharma. Some of their arguments have seemed paranoid or a little odd to me, to be honest — but then again I was taught and believed gun control for a long time, too. And contraception. And some other things.

      • hfh1

        Right. It’s because of what’s well described in this fine essay above..

    • Carmen Sepulveda

      Bill Clinton has a long history of rape. He was thrown out of Oxford University for raping a fellow student. He is a predator and Hillary Clinton was his enabler and defender. Think about that.

      • Eric

        I’ve heard many accusations against Bill C. when he was Gov of Ark and after he left the White House, and many against Hillary for attacking the credibility of his accusers in what she allegedly called “Bimbo eruptions.” But I never heard he was tossed from Oxford for rape. That’s a new one to me. Do you have evidence of that?

        • Sonny’s Mom

          There’s a video up on Youtube about the political and financial corruption the Clintons practiced while Bill was in office in Arkansas. So their history of malfeasance goes back many, many years.

          • hfh1

            And what about the Epstein/Clinton “Lolita Express”? ‘doesn’t get any filthier than that.

          • Donald Trump also rode the Lolita Express.

          • Pacman5

            I don’t believe that. If that was true it would have been all over the media. They would not let that go no matter if they had to throw Clinton under the bus.

          • It is true, and the media have reported it. In fact, every reference I have ever seen to Clinton riding on Epstein’s plane also mentioned that Trump had ridden on the plane. OTOH, while Clinton is known to have flown with Epstein 26 times, Trump is only known to have flown with him once.

            Of course, we don’t know what either Clinton or Trump did on the plane. It is possible they were just accepting free rides from a rich friend who happened to be going their way.

          • Pacman5

            How do you know all of this? The media would have been unmerciful if Trump had been on any pervert’s plane, especially before the election. I’m not saying Trump is or was above indiscretional conduct, I don’t believe he was involved with that pervert.

          • The media were complicit in Trump’s nomination and election. They ignored all of the other GOP candidates – unless they mentioned Trump. So even when they covered another candidate, it was still about Trump! In the general election, the media were much easier on Trump than they had been on Mitt Romney four years earlier – and harder on Hillary than they ever were on Obama.

            The media, like everyone else in our culture, are totally focused on what is happening right now. They’re not going to dig up an old scandal unless someone famous tweeted about it yesterday. Trump is a master of manipulating the media – he keeps them so busy reporting about his tweets that they don’t need to do anything else to fill their news quota.

          • Pacman5

            Now I’ve heard it all. The media was complicit in electing Trump. You just destroyed any credibility you had with that statement. Your words are like so much wheat chaff in the wind.

          • Did you sleep through the whole 2016 GOP primary? It sure sounds like it.

            The media have long been anti-Republican and anti-conservative. Since Trump’s history suggests he is at heart a 1950s Democrat (his protectionist policies are identical to those of the union bosses and Bernie Sanders, for example), the media favored him over all of his GOP opponents. They promoted him as the liberal alternative to Ted Cruz.

            More important, Trump is a lazy reporter’s dream: every time he opens his mouth, the headline writes itself. The self-serving media hyped Trump’s candidacy because he is an interesting celebrity that the public wants to follow. I do not understand why anyone would care about keeping up with Donald Trump or Kim Kardashian, but obviously a lot of Americans do, and the media are eager to exploit the public’s fascination with celebrities.

            Furthermore, Trump has become a master of manipulating the media. It might be his greatest skill. The media’s supposed hostility to him is political theater. Their negative reporting on Trump consists mostly of highlighting his latest tweets, which are designed to draw attention. Narcissist Trump would rather draw negative attention than no attention at all. He always wants the news to be about himself.

          • Mike Powers

            Another overeducated shibai opinion. You act like an on line
            PHD in sophmoric logic.
            It used to be to dwell on any
            here say is trite, and ad homonym;
            even Barry Hussein Obulldroppings
            knows that!
            PRESIDENT TRUMP is new to your
            ignorant cesspool “logic”, and will
            succeed in his programs. I predict, as we see the Democrat Party implode, President Trump will be
            Vindicated in 2018 AND 2020.
            The people..finally get it, you poor
            fools are just that….Elite Chumps

          • My Ph.D. is in economics. You, on the other hand, sound like a high school drop-out.

          • In a 2002 profile of Epstein in New York Magazine, Donald Trump said, “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” Trump has dined in Epstein’s home, and Epstein is a member of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club. Epstein has stated under oath that he socializes with Trump. There’s really no denying their long-term friendship.

    • hfh1

      Yes, it’s about time they tell some truth re the Clintons, but they’re only doing it so they can restore some creds as they go Judge Moore and others on our side.

      • If Judge Moore did half the things he is accused of, he is not “on our side”. While I think you’re right about liberals ditching the Clintons for the sake of political expediency, I think the supposed conservatives who are sticking with Moore are doing essentially the same thing – letting political expediency trump principle.

        • Marie Halligan

          I think it just highlights how we mustn’t allow political allegiances to ever come before our allegiance to Christ! I am not American but as far as I can see in politics here in Ireland where I live, and in Britain where I used to live, Right or Left, Labour or Tories,Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Sinn Fein,are all as bad as each other but just go about pushing the agenda in different ways! As my late father used to say,they are ALL corrupt and as I say,one lot’ll get you one way and the other lot will get you another way!It seems to me hardly any Western politicians are motivated by Christian faith anymore!

          • Pacman5

            You are right on.

          • Mike Powers


          • Mike Powers

            Winston Churchill, an Anglican, once
            retorted” That to accuse our system
            of malfeasance might be right, but it’s the best system we have for our

  • Eric

    The strength Christ gives is that to endure in carrying one’s cross. I’m a generation older than you and saw many Christians have to sacrifice various things to remain faithful to Christ — and some refuse to and fall away into the world. The sacrifices of faithful in your generation will likely be far greater, and those of my kids’ generation greater still. But you reap what you sow, both in kind and in number, and those who are crucified with Christ in this age will reign with Him in glory in the next — and that according to the degree they’ve loved God.

    My strong suspicion is that the letter Christ ordered St John the Beloved to write to the “angel [bishop] of the church of Laodicea” applies to clerics of our age and also describes the laity of our age: materially rich and indifferent to God. Christ’s counsel then applies to us as it did to them: to buy of Him “gold fire tried”: charity toward Him learned in great suffering. He ends with a promise: “To him [or her] that shall overcome, I will give to sit with Me in My throne as I also have overcome, and am set down with my Father on His throne.” Though you may yourself not have been indifferent, the vast majority around us today _are_ and long have been. They’ve refused to carry their crosses and consequently the load of self-sacrifice tossed onto the shoulders of others is far greater. Carry whatever cross Christ sends you; in the end, it will carry you through the plagues already here and those likely worse ones that are yet to come.

    God bless you.

  • Johann du Toit

    I was shocked but not surprised as rumors of perverts and pedophiles holding sway in the echelons of Hollywood have been going around for years. Just look at how sexual predators like Roman Polanski, Woody Allen and Michael Jackson are feted and worshiped as if their “artistic gifts” excuse their crimes.

    And Hollywood has the audacity to point fingers at the Catholic Church.

    • Tracy Tucciarone

      I actually think Michael Jackson was innocent — just a badly abused boy who aged and didn’t fit in with the world or feel comfortable around most adults, preferring the company of children through whom he could vicariously live the childhood he never had. That said, I also think that Hollywood and the government is FILLED with pedophiles and other predators. It all needs to be cleaned out. But what this article says is right: the problem is not men, as the glitterati are trying to make us believe; it’s our having thrown out God’s laws.

      • Jun Mananes

        Like you, i too believe that Michael Jackson was innocent. Even Corey Feldman (who himself was a victim of sexual predators) constantly defended Michael Jackson. Unfortunately he has become a victim of human judgement based on media hype.

    • George DeBear

      Well said! When our son was in public school, we attended a “family function” which included games and music for kids. When we approached the teacher (who was volunteering as DJ) to complain that Michael Jackson was being played, she asked why. Unbelievably, we then had to inform her that he was a pedophile. Her response was: “Oh, well he was never convicted”. We pulled our son out of school that week, and have homeschooled him since.

    • Perry

      Who else will point a finger at the church for their misdeeds but the angels of satan?

  • KareemAbdul

    Another sign of the times: Follow the money.

    Weinstein was an open secret in DepraveyWood.

    Harvey became persona non grata after using his influence to expose the enormously profitable Golden Calf of Big Pharma.

    Courage found.

  • MissChris

    Nice to hear such purity from a young person. God continue to bless you.

  • DavidMacko

    For a detailed history of this issue see An Empire Of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood by Neal Gabler
    Gabler is a Jew so that he cannot rationally be attacked as an “anti-Semite”.

    • Wallace Klinck

      Nobody can rationally be attacked as an “anti-Semite”. Semites are a major cultural and language group comprising the world’s Arabic peoples, i.e., descendants of Shem, numbering something in the order of approximately a half-billion people. Even the Encyclopaedia Brittanica entry on “anti-Semitism”, presented by a Jewish author, says that the term is a misnomer. It is a psycho-political term used falsely to slander anyone who offers any criticism of anything pertaining to Judaism or to Jews, the vast majority of whom in the modern world are non-Semitic Ashkenazi–not genuinely Semitic Sephardi of whom there are very few. Ill-educated “Christians” who derive their information from misguided clerics and the controlled media are “lambs for the slaughter.”

      • DavidMacko

        I agree.

  • Sonny’s Mom

    Please pray for Judge Roy Moore and for Our Lord’s protection over Alabama and every soul in that state. It “feels” like he– and all of us– are under spiritual attack.

  • Petunia56

    God have mercy, this is why we have to pray and teach our kids from the beginning was is right and what is wrong. We have to take care of our children they are our future, they are going to have many temptations having a good background will help. Majority of liberals are corrupt everything goes with them.

  • Michael Dowd

    Cultural and Sexual moral poverty would be a good subject for Sunday homilies–wouldn’t you think? Unfortunately, Social Justice and poor people are usually spoken about. Speaking in this way has a multi- negative effect of making the pew-sitters think how well off they are, sets Catholic morality on a this- world physical plane, and makes it easy to become morally satisfied by contributing to the latest Catholic Relief Service collection or what-have-you. The Social Justice program is Modernist and evil.

    The Catholic Church (Novus Ordo) is generally not doing it’s job and is responsible for folks going to hell and leading miserable lives by it’s failure to speak about Catholic sexual morality. In today’s Catholic environment money is the solution what is seen as the primary moral issue, i.e, poverty.

  • Fred Om

    What about the scandals of Catholic priests? What about the scandalous Pope of history? What about the origin of the word “Nepotism” implying that the nephew is actually the priest’s biological son? Weren’t those the good old days when social norms were in place? When did this “order” of which you speak ever exist?

  • florida1

    Soooo WHEN was the LAST time ANYONE who is reading or responding to this post has heard a PRIEST NAME and Preach Against SINS??? I have been a Catholic for about 16 years now. In all that time I have heard priests who had the COURAGE and Presence of GOD enough to actually get up and NAME. YES NAME-SINS (especially MORAL SINS-as those are the ONES God kept Warning us about). That number is about 4 or 5 times. PERIOD…..are they Preaching against and NAMING SINS in our Catholic SCHOOLS??? NO. My stepdaughter attended Catholic schools 1-12. She said the Stench of STD with the girls was SO bad in class it would make you SICK!! Uhhh STD ‘s are Sexually Transmitted Disease folks….GOD said ALL SEX B4 marriage was a Grave sin and yes evil. He said ALL who do this and ALL who think its just OK fine and DANDY —-NO PLACE WILL BE FOUND FOR THEM IN HEAVEN. DWELL ON THAT!!! We are indeed living in the last days where Just as Jesus WARNED US ABOUT….the devil will tell folks that Sin just became RIGHT and Right just became SIN and they BELIEVED HIM>…..even and especially the Catholic Church..Doubt that?????? This false pope francis is trying his best to get the RCC to say Moral sins are NOW OK..NO. THEY. ARE. NOT…WAKE UP AND READ YOUR BIBLES!!

    • E E Segura

      I am very blessed to be in a parish with a very orthodox priest who not only turned our formerly progressive parish around and brought more reverence to even the Novus Ordo, but also added a weekly Latin Mass, a 24/7 Adoration chapel, more frequent confession opportunities, and other excellent changes…AND regularly preaches about sin by name. Were that everyone so blessed.

  • Randal Agostini

    I have waited so long to see at least one article calling out the reality of the Weinstin pyramid. This one is spot on and should be widely circulated. If we felt the rot in our bones it was way back before Reagan, when we ourselves were agents for the cause. How wise we get when we grow old, and how useless our feeble voices become. We are a society that only knows how to chase after windmills – the consequences, leaving the causes to fester and multiply.
    Only with God is there a resurrection.

  • Joe Right

    Spot on! MORALS are the solution, not the liberal narrative.

  • Lou Soileau

    But, folks, our American history is full of immoral sexual behavior from our first President onward. Our beloved and near-sainted JFK led a not-so-secret extra-marital life supported by Sinatra, Lawford and others from Hollywood. When men and women choose to live outside of Judeo-Christian norms, anything goes. Such behavior has always been popular but only freely celebrated and publicized since the ’60s. “Teach your children well…” as the song goes. Moral living begins at home.

    • Wallace Klinck

      “outside of ‘Judeo-Christian’ norms”? Have you ever read the Talmud? If not and you have a few spare years to ruminate in the “traditions of the elders” you would do well to do so to avoid speaking in contradictory terms in the future.

  • caligula

    Al Franken, Harvey Weinstein, Brett Ratner, Bryan Singer, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski. What do these guys all have in common?

  • This article hits the nail on the head. The liberal media will continue to dance around the real problems at the core of all this sexual predation, because really facing them would require the pundits to recognize what a fantastic mess the sexual revolution has put us in. I pray that the light of truth will be released from under the bushel basket to be seen by the general public.

  • Robert

    Dear John: I completely agree. Those of us who still believe in God and our constitution must be prepared to defend it! We can do this by writing book, writing letters to the sponsors of these liberal media programs. What too many people do not realize is that an honest and free market is a very powerful force!
    Class envy is the worst of the seven deadly sins. It is nothing more than the old strategy of divide and conquer! Hillary tried this strategy and lost. We need to educate and tell people how evil class envy is.
    It would help if the clergy of all religious denominations preach against class envy on Saturdays and Sundays. Regards and God Bless, your brother in Christ, Robert Calabro

  • littlenan

    The saying goes, “Power corrupts” etc.
    We have the same problem in England. If anybody, but probably a man, reaches a certain level in their career, they know they can do things which others dare not complain as it could destroy their future careers. However, it is not just the predators who should be brought to book. They could not have got away with the abuse if those around them had not turned a blind eye.

  • June Gagnon

    Don’t you think people should start looking at some of the FEMALE OFFENDERS? After all, we have BOTH male AND female teachers who rape some of their own students, so don’t try to tell me there are no FEMALE PREDATORS in Rottywood!

  • sistermaryg

    I think even more than anything, lack of modesty is ruining society.

  • John F. Early

    Recently, I learned about a popular local pastor from 30-40 years back who for ten years was a sexual predator of an “at risk” young fellow. I knew both. A couple of weeks ago, I informed the current pastor, same church, that the story had appeared some five days before that. Fast-forward to the present. The pastor did not inform the congregation. As my friend says, he didn’t “own” the scandal, as something happening in his jurisdiction but back in the day. Now, I know that, e.g., litigation and money is/was involved in these situations, but not revealing the story to the larger, unknowing audience is, in my opinion, not what Christ would do. It’s not just Hollywood and political bad people who should be outed, since perverts apparently come in all shapes and sizes. John Philpot Curran said, “The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance.” Talk is cheap. Action is, well, expensive.

  • Pacman5

    Things in this country are way out of hand. I saw a guy on TV the other day who says he is married to two other guys and no one should be surprised. He call it the new way of loving and spreading joy and he should not be questioned on his actions. He immediately started calling a guest a homophobe without even listening to his point. What upset me more was that the audience agreed with him. We are definitely a sick society.

  • Martin Tom

    Fantastic article ! No better article on the current state of Hollywood.

  • Dodie

    Your summation of “Weinsteinization” was excellent! You are spot on. You don’t ramble on. You got
    right to the point and said exactly what needed to be said. Thank you for calling out “unholywood”. It was

    long overdue, and you said what decent people have been talking about to each other for a long time.

    Kudos to you!!

  • sheila

    There’s no such thing as “harmless porn,” for everyone who thinks there is, ask Alessandro Serenelli. He’ll tell you. When he was 19, he stabbed his 11-year-old neighbor when she wouldn’t give in to him. In later years, he saw a direct link between his addiction to porn, and what he did. Anyone remember the name of his victim? St. Maria Goretti. (You go, Maria-girl!)

  • Lilyw

    Always so succinct and true, Mr. Horvat. The termites metaphor is spot-on. What a sad state of affairs. Let’s all implore Our Lady for help.

  • Chris Lilly

    It seems Hollywood and Washington D.C. have lately become spectacles of public immorality. Social institutions can only withstand moral rot for so long. Then comes the collapse!

  • Mike Powers

    We all let Beelzabub into our souls ie: FREE LOVE,BABY, PEACE BROTHER,UNO MUNDO,
    PIECE OF PAPER FROM THE CITY HALL(Marriage in general) etc etc etc.
    ( folks, am responsible for this state of mind)
    Go to The Holy Ghost,…Veni Creator Spiritus,
    Mentes tuorum visita:*Imple superna gratis,* Quae tu creasti pecatora.
    Come Holy Ghost Creator blest,
    and in our souls up Thy rest,
    Come with Thy grace and heavenly aid*
    To fill the hearts which Thou hast made