Christ at the White House Inn

Christmas_Novena_Day7_300x300 Christ at the White House Inn

“…He is recognized and still finds a place in hearts, society and at the White House Inn.”

As Christmas approaches, there is much talk of a post-Christian America. No one can dispute that the Christ Child finds no place in many secular hearts. For these, Christmas is merely a time of holiday and sparkle with little real significance.

Over the ages, so many have followed the route of those who dismiss Christmas as foolish. They claim Jesus has no power over souls and nations. And yet the Christ Child has always overcome the hardness of human hearts. The Infant King has triumphed and will triumph in the end. Foolish are those who refuse Him a place in their hearts.

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To those who boldly claim America to be post-Christian, let them consider that even in these most secular days, Christ is honored and glorified in surprising ways. The mighty machines of industry stop on the blessed day of His birth. Government halls darken on this day. All major institutions pause to give him honor. Families everywhere gather to celebrate the grace of Christmas when one can still sense the sweetness and perfection that emanates from the Divine Infant in the manger in Bethlehem.

Even now, the most powerful nations bow before Him. Let them consider the fact that for decades, the Christ Child has found shelter in the White House.

The United States is the most powerful nation in the world. Its president is the most powerful world leader. And yet in the house of the President, a crowned Christ Child occupies a place far more honorable and important than that reserved for the president himself. He resides there as king, and the house is decorated at its best to pay Him homage. No foreign leader is treated with more honor and respect than this tiny Child.

Indeed, this Christmas, this Presence shines with particular pomp and splendor. There is open mention of Christmas in addresses and greeting cards. It is as if some forbidden decree has been lifted. This year’s refreshing celebration, while not ideal, reflects a desire of countless Americans that He be treated in a privileged way. This new splendor is welcomed by a society long stifled by politically correct diktats.

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For too long, the nation has suffered by those in power who have tried to minimize the event. They have even tried to make it non-religious or politically correct. They have avoided mentioning Him by name.

But the force of that compelling grace of Christmas has proven stronger. No president has dared to expel the Child from the inn. For decades, the beautiful Nativity Scene has always been set up. While failing to acknowledge Him properly, there at least has always been room in the White House Inn—even in supposedly post-Christian America.

That is why winning the war on Christmas is so important. America will not be post-Christian as long as Christ has a place in the hearts of its people. The Christmas season is an annual time to renew that bond full of tender goodness and innocence. America must not allow Christ to be expelled from hearts and society. Christmas must be merry again.

If enough Americans recognize God, God will indeed bless America. Christmas is a reminder that all things are possible with God. Indeed, on that ineffable night when a Savior was born to Mary ever Virgin, an immense impossibility became possible: the God-man was born.

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In these days so much like those of Christ’s time when everything seemed impossible, similar wonders can happen. The seemingly impossible return to Christian order will be possible as long as He is recognized and still finds a place in hearts, society and at the White House Inn.

Humanity is given the unimaginable on this sublime day. Puer natus est nobis, Et filius datus est nobis, says a passage from the Christmas liturgy. “For a child is born to us, and a son is given to us.”(Is. 9:6)

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  1. Amen, Amen Amen! Praying for our President, all leaders and their families and for our nation this advent season and wishing everyone a very joyful and blessed Christmas. O’ come Emmanuel!!!

  2. A room for the Nativity was indeed found in the White House for which we must give due credit to President Don Juan Trump who is fulling another promise he made during the campaign. Pray for him. Who knows? there may be a conversion in the making.

  3. This was meant to be. This country needs the Lord more then ever. Thank God for President Trump glorifying the Lord to the world.

      • Yes they are a major problem. They tend to be insecure and unstable, needing desperately something in which to believe. They read the Old Testament and assume that the people they call “Jews” (which term may not have even existed, per se, until the 1600s) are “Gods Chosen People” and through alliance with them they will be blessed. This ignores that the vast majority of modern Jewry are of non-Semitic origin and are of Ashkenazic background. Such ill-educated “Christians” seem oblivious of Jewish religious texts, notably such as the Talmud, which contain tortuous legalistic arguments and are rabidly and blasphemously opposed to both Jesus and the Message which he brought. They believe erroneously that “Judaism” is simply a religion of the Old Testament or Torah, consisting to the Law as passed down to Moses as the Pentateuch. As any candid Rabbi can confirm, modern Judaism is Rabbinism, which is Talmudism, which is the sophistic disputation of the Pharisees and elders who engaged in endless interpretation and debate concerning the Law. These were the traditions of men toward which Jesus directed his most bitter invective, the upholders of which he condemned out of hand. They regarded him as a menace to their domination of their people through endless fabricated laws and oblations and conspired to incite the masses to demand his execution. They have regarded Him as an interloper who destroyed their power and have never throughout history forgiven him for this transgression. Jesus brought a new dispensation extending to the Gentiles which was a liberation through Grace which superseded and replaced the worship of mere reason by the Scribes and Pharisees. The terms “Judaeo-Christian” and “Christian Zionist” are internally contradictory and are meaningless. They are dangerous because they lead to wrong conclusions which result in erroneous and destructive actions.

  4. All the founding fathers who were Free Masons, worshipped Satan. That is why the Washington monument is a giant fallick symbol. Read Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike.

      • Thanks for the spell check, but it’s not in my imagination. It is in Morals and Dogma.
        Masons control Hollywierd as well. They destroyed American music with MTV= Masonic Television. They are no different than , Scientologists, Mormons, Khabbalists. Wiccans and other pagan cults. When you see our elected officials doing mock sacrifices at Bohemian Grove, I guess you tell yourself that they are just being dudes. Sorry but I don’t know any God fearing people that behave that way. Evil exists in this world and it finds a sanctuary in secret societies.
        Feel free to spell check Khabbalists.

        • Yes, that’s correct. The Founding Fathers were Freemasons. The city of Washington D.C. is architecturally constructed on the ancient principles of the pagan religion worshippers of Isis. Study the Youtube video series “Secrets in Plain Sight (Full) | Scott Onstott”. He explains with lucid detail the signs and symbols embedded in its architecture. This is not imagination. It’s reality. The American public needs an awakening.

          • Thank you! Glad to see that someone here has knowledge on this fact.
            One small correction though. Not all of the founding fathers were Masons. And John Adam’s son, John Quincy Adams was very outspoken against Masonry. He was also the American president with the highest I.Q. on record.

    • On behalf of the founders of our blessed country: President Calvin Coolidge in a 1924 speech to the convention of the National Educational Association said in part: “The institutions of Government and society may not always be susceptible of a demonstration which is as exact as those of mathematics, but nevertheless political relationship is a very old science which has been set out in theory and wrought out in practice through very many centuries. Its fundamental principles are fairly well established. That there could have seen gathered together a body of men so learned in that science, so experienced in it application, so talented and so wise in its statement and demonstration, as whose who prepared, formulated, and secured the adoption of the American Constitution, will never cease to be the wonder and admiration of the profoundest students of Government. After making every allowance for a fortunate combination of circumstances and the accomplishments of human ingenuity, they have been nearly all forced to come to the belief that it can be accounted for only the addition of another element, which we must recognize as the guiding hand of Providence”.

      • I believe that the United States constitution is a wonder and worthy of great admiration as well. But don’t forget that there is such a thing as controlled opposition. The British (Satanic) Empire never really relinquished it’s control over the colonies nor our republic. George Washington chose Alexander Hamilton as his Treasury Secretary. In 1791, just 15 years into our independence, Hamilton invited the Satanic bankers from Britain into Philadelphia to establish The First Bank of the United States. There have been intermittent periods when brave leaders like Andrew Jackson fought for America’s constitutional right to mint and circulate it’s own debt free currency. Nearly all of those presidents were assassinated; Andrew Jackson had an failed attempt in his life. We are not and never will be a sovereign nation until the time when we can break free from the Rothschild’s of London and their massive Ponzi scheme that has enslaved nearly every nation around the world in insurmountable debt slavery. Every war this nation has fought has been for their benefit. Every enemy we make is not truly the enemy of our nation but of their predatory banking system. This is the reality. This is the red pill!

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