When the Human Element is Lost in Business…

Flickr_.S._Embassy_Tel_Aviv_-_Visit_to_Bnei_Brak_No.332 copyWhen economy becomes frenzied and intemperate, the warm human bonds that are so essential for trust and security are replaced by cold mechanical links. There is, for example, a difference between a family doctor and a provider of health services.

Mutual fund owner John Bogle notes the change in these relationships in his field. He writes:

During my half-century-plus career in the fund industry, I’ve seen this field Subscription11move from being primarily a profession of investment management to becoming largely a business of product marketing….In all, professional relationships with clients have been increasingly recast as business relationships with customers. In a world where every user of services is seen as a customer, every provider of services becomes a seller. When the provider becomes a hammer, the customer becomes a nail” (John C. Bogle, The Battle for the Soul of Capitalism, Yale University Press, New Haven, 2005, p. 176).