Big Can Also Be Beautiful

Big Can Also Be BeautifulThere are those who affirm that only small businesses or properties are proportional to our human condition.

Our ability to know things beyond the local and the small leads us to affirm that there can also be proportion in bigness. We must, of course, reject monstrous proportions. Yet it cannot be denied that nature does give us as examples of huge mountains, great plains, or immense oceans that convey the idea of a proportional vastness that delights yet does not disorient us.

Subscription11Likewise, we must consider that economic endeavors can also convey the idea of greatness and grandeur without disorienting and disturbing an economy. We must reject the egalitarian notion that all men are equal in their abilities to deal with economy or governing and must therefore be limited to small economic or governing units. Some men have great capacity to deal with multitudes of people—as can be seen in the case of the popes or great rulers. Still others can manage big, and even very big, enterprises with ability and skill. Limiting such figures to small plots of property wastes their qualities and stifles their desires to perfect their nature. If they develop their abilities in due proportion and temperance, we do not hesitate to affirm that big can also be beautiful.