This Is Not Thanksgiving

This Is Not ThanksgivingIf you believe that Thanksgiving is to thank God for what we have, not to buy more things you don’t have or need, then please send Macy’s this urgent petition message:

Don’t Open on Thanksgiving


The department store Macy’s has never opened for business on Thanksgiving in all its 155 years!

Bending to pressure to keep up with competition, Macy’s has announced that it will break that 155 year tradition. It’s time to say loud and clear: Keep Your Thanksgiving Tradition!


This is an example of frenetic intemperance. And if we don’t react, the next generation of children will be celebrating the day only by running out to shop for the Thanksgiving Day sale. Or lining up at 5 am on Thanksgiving morning for a sale to buy a super size television set.

Subscription8.11We should save Thanksgiving for the next generation by telling Macy’s to remain closed for business; to keep their 155 year tradition alive. In addition, by staying closed on Thanksgiving, Macy’s employees can stay home with family, so they can offer thanks to God for what they already have.

Isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about?