Return to Order Events in Miami

Fr. TrigilioWritten by Gary Isbell

If there is a place where the ideas of the book Return to Order might resonate, it would be Miami. This is because author John Horvat’s description of an organic Christian society emphasizes the ties of family, community and Faith that are still very strong in this city of many cultures. The need to defend these ties was a major theme of his book signing tour in the Miami area on August 8- 10.

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Miami is a world of different communities—Cuban, Hispanic, Haitian and others. The city manages to maintain a great cultural diversity without destroying its unity as an American city. It has an exuberant Latin character that makes it lively and attractive. However, it also suffers from the corrosive effects of a modern culture that is hostile to organic society.

Mr. Horvat’s tour addressed both the richness of authentic culture and the massive attack on moral values. His book, Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society —Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go, is sparking national discussion about the need to return to Faith and family in an age of exploding technological advances and unhinged economies. Mr. Horvat’s first stop was an August 8 interview at Radio Mambi (710 AM), the local Cuban radio station now owned by Univision. The talk show host was Mrs. Lourdes d’Kendall, an extremely popular hostess who is well known in the Cuban and Hispanic community for her strong stands for moral values. The interview was in Spanish and centered on the subjects found in the book with a special mention of the book signing events over the weekend.

A visit to the office of the mayor of Miami, Mr. Tomas Regalada, was also part of theMiami Book Tour--v2 schedule. There the author received a certificate proclaiming him “a distinguished visitor of the City of Miami,” for “outstanding achievements for more than two decades as a researcher and author on socio-economics.” The mayor and city commissioner Mr. Wilfred Gort presented Mr. Horvat with the document in the mayor’s office and then conversed about topics related to the need for a return to order.

A Saturday book event was held at the Barnes & Noble in nearby Coral Gables, where Mr. Horvat conversed with those interested in getting a copy of the book.

On Sunday, August 10,  Mr. Horvat delivered the presentation “Honor Thy Father and ThyMiami Book Tour--v1 Mother: The Key to Bringing America Back to Order,” at the Marriott Courtyard in Coral Gables. The one-hour presentation was well organized by Mr. Sergio de Paz of the well-known Cuban exile group, Cubanos Desterrados. Those present reflected the great cultural diversity of the Miami area, yet all had similar questions about how to challenge the present immoral society. Coffee and refreshments were served as people stayed to converse. By the end of the afternoon all the books brought to the event had been sold.

The Miami tour was a confirmation of the timeliness of the book, Return to Order. It underscored how people are perceiving the need for an authentic organic order based on the perennial values of Christian civilization.

Mr. Horvat will be leading discussions and participating in book signings at more than two dozen cities in the United States during 2014. For information on events, to request him as a speaker, or to purchase copies of the book, call (855)861-8420 or visit






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