Chastity: a Sublime Model for Us

Chastity: a Sublime Model for Us
“The Holy Family is the sublime model for all families, yet it was unlike any other family that ever was or will be in history.”

If we are to return to order, the family is the key. However, we must find a model for the family to imitate. That model must be based on chastity.

The Holy Family is the sublime model for all families, yet it was unlike any other family that ever was or will be in history. God chose Mary, a consecrated virgin with a holy vow of absolute chastity, to be His holy Mother. He chose Saint Joseph, another virgin according to Saint Alphonsus Ligouri, to be His father. Christ Himself remained a virgin to His death on the cross.

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However, the Divine preference for absolute chastity does not end there. Our Lord also chose Saint John the Baptist, a virgin, to be His holy precursor. His most beloved disciple, Saint John the Evangelist, was a virgin, into whose pure care Christ placed His virginal Mother after His death. Finally, He established as leaders of His people, a holy priesthood with vows of celibacy.

How different is the science of God to the science of men. In her sublime purity, Our Blessed Mother was made fertile. The words of the virgin Saint John the Baptist were tremendously fruitful in preparing the Chosen People for their Redeemer. The blessed words of the chaste evangelist are still repeated until our days. If you consider the works of men to be their children, as Saint Benedict taught, we can see how fruitful the celibacy of the priesthood has been. Due to the apostolic zeal of chaste priests throughout the centuries, the Church’s children past and present number in the billions.

However, Our Lord also demanded chastity of all people. For those who are not married, He demanded purity of both mind and body. Within the chaste and holy bonds of matrimony, Our Divine Savior safeguards the chastity of the couple by demanding absolute fidelity among spouses.

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Why so much insistence upon chastity? Because chastity is the guardian of the most sublime gift that God ever granted to mankind. It is a gift that makes us similar to God. It is the gift of new souls.

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When we contemplate the cathedrals, castles and works of man, we are rightly astounded and filled with awe. When we see the grandeur of the Tetons, the glory of a sunset or smell the freshness of spring, we are amazed at the goodness of God.

Chastity: a Sublime Model for Us
“When we contemplate the cathedrals, castles and works of man, we are rightly astounded and filled with awe.”

However, all those things will last but an instant compared to eternity. The heavens and the earth will fade into dust and pass away, but a soul is forever. A tiny infant has a gift that is infinitely greater than the entire universe combined. It is the gift of eternal life. According to some Doctors of the Church, Our Lord Jesus Christ would have come to the earth and died on the cross to save just one soul.

We can see how absurd the environmentalist mentality really is. They claim humans are destroying “Mother Earth”; therefore we need to eliminate humans. On the contrary, the earth will turn to dust and disappear yet each soul will survive for all eternity.

Little wonder then that God places so much emphasis on regulating the procreative act. It is an act, the primary purpose of which is to bring about new immortal beings. This is not something that we should play around with or take lightly. It is an act by which the husband and wife participate in the whole Divine plan of creation. It is a direct command from God to all married couples — to be fruitful and multiply. Thus, the devil has done everything in his considerable power to pervert and undermine this great creative act in order to divorce it from its primary purpose.

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The above selection was adapted and taken from the talk, “Secrets of Grace that Spell Big Trouble for the Revolution” given by Michael Chad Shibler at the American TFP’s 2015 National Conference held on October 24-25 in Spring Grove, Penn.