The ‘Weinsteinization’ of Everything Rotten

The ‘Weinsteinization’ of Everything RottenThe spectacular fall of Harvey Weinstein represents more than just the rejection of the appalling behavior of a Hollywood mogul. Rather, it is the unsurprising confirmation that Hollywood is rotten. The behavior of Hollywood producers and actors merely reflects the movies with their violence, immorality, and profanity.

As the Weinstein case broadens to include others outside Hollywood, the new scandals serve as a stinging indictment of the whole liberal establishment that has long tolerated the most blatant promiscuity. Behind the glittering appearance of celebrity, the dark and ugly shadow of perversity now comes to light. The scandals cannot help but cause outrage and disgust.

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With their customary shrewdness, however, liberals are using the scandals to advance their cause. The whole affair is being framed as a male dominance narrative. The acts of all males must now be questioned and scrutinized. Even more mystifying is how liberals, who have long condemned conservatives for their moral judgments, have suddenly set themselves up as zealous moral judges.

Destroying the Moral Barriers that Maintain Order

They failed to see that this is a case of moral rot. Like a house with termites, eventually the supporting structures are undermined, and everything comes crashing down. This is what is now happening in the case of the scandals. Everything is rotten. Anything and anyone can come crashing down.

Nothing makes a society rot more than the removal of the moral barriers that maintain order. When there is no definition of right and wrong, any act is possible. When relationships between the sexes are no longer protected by marriage, modesty and honor, unrestraint will rule. Promiscuity will dominate in a society which will claim acts have no consequences. All is permitted, and it is forbidden to forbid.

When unrestraint reigns, it is only a matter of time before even the barriers of consent are brought down. That is why society is full of violence and perversity, now laid bare in the Weinstein case. The defense mechanisms have been removed. And now the victims come forward.

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Failing to Address the Causes

Normally the exposure of evil is a step toward addressing the causes of the problem. Tragically, this is not the case with the new scandals.

The exposure of the sexual predators not only avoids the real cause of the problem but only makes matters worse. The self-appointed judges, especially those in the media, will do nothing to rebuild the moral barriers that are the only way to protect society from sexual predators. These judges have no desire to return to a moral order. In most cases, they will continue to promote a climate of promiscuity reflected in their lifestyles and hostility to morality.

Instead of blaming the unbridled passions that will not accept limits, they blame the rotten structures and institutions that remain in society. They will never embrace the moral barriers that not only protect victims but also prevent abusers from abusing.

“Weinsteinizing” Everything Rotten

In America today, this process of decadence has advanced to the point that everything rotten can now be “Weinsteinized.” The media can target just about any institution, group or individual by highlighting their rottenness.

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Once the foundations of Christian order are dismantled, even the defense mechanisms themselves can be targeted. The structures of the family have so declined that no relationship is sacred anymore. The moral standards of communities have so deteriorated that they become agents of decay. Fashions that should safeguard modesty have now become hypersexualized and made everything sensual and erotic. Even the innocence of youth and children is not spared as they are recruited into the vanguard of the cultural revolution. Indeed, little remains, save the savage rage of liberals railing against the crisis they created.

A rotten culture that has long taught men that “everything goes” is now turning on those who pursued this norm with great passion. The liberal society that has long corrupted men now aims to destroy any remnants of what is termed “patriarchy.”

By this selective denunciation of all things rotten, everything can be questioned, doubted, and made indefensible. Every sign of rot can be exploited to bring down institutions and moral standards. Worse yet, nothing takes the place of the destroyed structures. The result is a fragmented society in which all are left to their own devices. There is no trust in anything, and things fall apart.

Opposing “Weinsteinization”

The only way to fight this process of “Weinsteinization” is to refuse the false narratives that drive the process forward. The fact that society is rotten must be acknowledged as the cause of the scandals. Until this reality is admitted, there will be no real solutions.

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Those who defend order must oppose this selective process and continue to uphold what remains of morality which is the only true solution. They must have the courage to imagine a return to Christian order. Above all, they must confide in God who will not abandon those who defend His cause.