Justice Comes to All, Even to Supreme Court Judges

Justice Comes to All, Even to Supreme Court Judges
Justice Comes to All, Even to Supreme Court Judges

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died at the age of 87. Immediate tributes poured in from all over the world, praising this activist judge who contributed to so many important decisions that will affect America negatively for decades to come.

Most encomiums praised her tenacity, talents and abilities. They celebrated her academic and legal achievements as a woman. While these things might be considered important in life, they matter little in death. When all is said and done, we will be judged by our acts, our adherence to God’s law and love for Him.

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We might hope that she said “yes” to a final saving grace. Nevertheless, we know that at death, all souls stand before the Divine Judge. He exercises a justice far more supreme and severe than any earthly tribunal. At death, no evidence is left hidden; all our sins are revealed. We will know the consequences of our iniquities.

Further, we will be held accountable for all whose lives and acts depended on us, rich or poor, old or young, born or unborn.

God’s eternal law will be the standard of justice by which we will be judged. This law is the basis of all human law and is summarized by the Ten Commandments. Those who exercised justice on earth will be asked if they defended this higher natural law written by God on the hearts of all. They will have to render accounts for every evil thought, word and deed that relied for legal justification on a bad decision they handed down.

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At the time of death, we appear alone before God. Nothing can be added to improve our standing. There is no more time to seek forgiveness or make amends for the evil we have done. Then we will see what folly it is to think that we will not be judged for our sins! How foolish it is not to prepare for the moment of judgment. The Divine judgment is infallible, the sentence, eternal. His Mercy is not forgotten—those consigned to Hell for eternity or to Purgatory for a time are punished less than their sins would deserve.

Thus, the most important moment of our lives is the hour of our death. All other considerations are as nothing when this moment arrives. The demise of important public figures should lead us to reflect on the futility of seeking after the praise of the media and our sinful world. Indeed, all, without exception, will have to render accounts. Justice comes to all, even to Supreme Court judges.

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