How LGBT Activists UnErase History to Fit Their Agenda

How LGBT Activists UnErase History to Fit Their Agenda
How LGBT Activists UnErase History to Fit Their Agenda

“I think somehow this idea of presenting particularly younger students with someone’s idea of an alternative family is scary to a lot of parents, because they don’t know necessarily how to explain it.”

Enlisting the Emotions of the Young

The source of this quote is Kathleen Barker, the program director for “History UnErased.” She is discussing a book called And Tango Makes Three. First published in 2005, Tango is the story of two male penguins who raise a chick together.

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A summary of this book, intended for students in first and second grade, appears on a Depauw University website.

And Tango Makes Three depicts the true life story of Roy and Silo, two chinstrap penguins who reside at the Central Park Zoo. One day Mr. Gramzay, their keeper, notices the penguins’ attempts at hatching a rock. Why not just hatch an egg? Because both Roy and Silo are male. Mr. Gramzay then provides them with a fertile egg and a chance to become a family. When the egg hatches, they name the chick Tango because ‘it takes two to make a Tango.’”

Deliberate Mis-Diagnosis

The story obviously lends itself to serving an agenda. It neglects to say that male penguins often help incubate chicks. The two penguins mentioned had no particular attachment to one another. They both went on to father chicks with penguins of the opposite sex.

Parents are “uncomfortable” with the book because they recognize the book as propaganda designed to lure their children into accepting homosexual vice as normal.

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Indeed, Miss Barker warmly endorses Tango because making homosexual vice appear normal is what History UnErased is all about. The organization provides resources and teacher staff development to teach “LGBTQ-inclusive history,” according to a recent article in Education Week.

The article explains why the Education Week crew sees the History UnErased’s work as necessary.

“There can be a number of reasons for the hesitation specifically to teach about things like LGBTQ history, and major court cases tied to LGBTQ identities, experts said. Teachers fear parental pushback; they face a dearth of curriculum options, and even when there are resources available, they may not know what to look for; they may not have received training on the subject; or they simply don’t want to get something wrong.”

Like Miss Barker, Education Week ignores any moral dimension, which it dismisses as “parental pushback.” The progressive education establishment’s goal is not morals but making sure “LGBTQ youth” feel safe and comfortable.

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A Plainly Stated Goal

History UnErased makes no secret of its mission. Its slogan sums it up succinctly. “Putting LGBTQ history in its right place—the classroom.” The organizations’ homepage spells out the myths that provide the rationale behind their work.

“People who we label and understand today as LGBTQ have always existed–in every part of humanity–but the absence of these identities in our nation’s classrooms means that students never learn the stories of people and events that were critical to the founding and shaping of the United States. Erasing this history teaches students that LGBTQ people never existed.”

The primary tools for communicating History UnErased’s message are a curriculum titled “Intersections and Connections” and short YouTube videos.

Simplistic but Effective Messages

All the videos have one thing in common—the message was that homosexuals were heroes. They were the inclusive people, even as any message that ran counter to their “narrative” was either reviled or excluded.

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So far, the impact of History UnErased appears to be limited to the Northeast. The organization provides a map that shows the number of schools in each state that use its materials. New York is by far its greater user with 1424 schools. The tally quickly drops with Maryland boasting 66, Massachusetts 34 and 11 in Illinois. All the other states are in the single digits with far-left California with only one.

Emphasize the Emotional, Eliminate the Factual

There were two curious features within History UnErased’s program. First, it focuses on emotions rather than facts. The second is that its material only reports on contemporary or the recent past. “History UnErased” erases anything truly historical.

No matter what rhetoric the people at “History UnErased” use, they are not interested in history. They do not want to educate but indoctrinate. They want to convince America’s children that homosexual vice is normal, desirable and even heroic.

The use of facts gets in the way of such conclusions since the lives of all who give in to unbridled passions usually ends in misery. Emotional appeals are much more effective. Portraying someone as oppressed provokes sympathy and fits into the Marxist class struggle narratives that undermine Western civilization. The testimony of history also gets in the way of such a perspective. History relates how great figures overcame their passions and accomplished great deeds that are worthy of memory. Postmodern “history” presents a jumble of disconnected events where people are deprived of free will and agency, thus justifying every vice and passion.