These Are the Perils of Kamikaze Politics

These Are the Perils of Kamikaze Politics
These Are the Perils of Kamikaze Politics

Those on the liberal side mentioned it first. Marc Thiessen of The Washington Post warned the left that its policies were not just misguided but dangerous. The radical left no longer engages in rational debate but has embarked upon a kamikaze course of self-destruction. Other media figures have repeated the kamikaze warning recalling the Japanese suicide bombers of World War II.  They are calling on Democrats to wake up before it is too late.

Naturally, conservatives might take comfort in the diagnosis since it will translate well into gains in the 2022 midterm elections. The admission that the other side is in trouble shows how out of touch liberals are with the American public.

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However, suicidal antics should be a cause for alarm for all Americans. Both left and right are engaged in kamikaze politics. Each plays the game differently since left and right differ in goals and dynamism. However, these kamikazes are not targeting an outside enemy but the nation and thus are much more dangerous.

The appearance of the kamikaze bombers is a sign of weakness, not strength on the part of those involved. It signals the collapse of the standard rules of engagement. A desperate spirit takes hold as each side becomes obsessed with damaging the political landscape without regard for the nation’s welfare.

The Left Is Determined

As the pundits indicate, the left is more determined to engage in kamikaze politics than the right.

This leftist agenda by its nature contains attacks on private property, promotion of radical sexual revolution and a secular worldview. Such revolutionary goals frighten public opinion. Thus, the left often veils its program to advance under a more moderate label. Indeed, President Biden ran as a moderate who promised unity and bipartisanship. He is now showing his true colors.

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The left in America today is losing its patience for a gradual revolution. The kamikazes of the left consist of those who unmask their radical Marxist goals. They are now doubling down on their extremism by claiming that the reason for failure is that the left is not leftist enough. The aim is to damage the body politic irreparably in favor of anarchical alternatives. Voters saw the first planes ram into the political flight deck during the November elections in Virginia and New Jersey. It was not a pretty sight.

Nowhere is kamikaze politics more evident than the spending bills that throw all caution to the wind and undermine the nation’s financial security. The ill-fated Build Back Better plan is full of taxes and entitlements to fuel a social and green agenda. Kamikaze economists claim the $1.75 trillion plan comes at no extra cost to taxpayers since increased tax revenue and other measures will offset it. However, the Penn Wharton Budget Model projects that the 10-year cost of the plan will be about $4.6 trillion that the treasury does not have.

Marc Thiessen says that the Democrats know they do not have a mandate to impose socialism on the nation. Their razor-thin majorities in Congress indicate America’s reluctance to embrace radical policies. This does not stop the kamikazes.  Their strategy is: “When you have power, use it. Don’t compromise. Don’t moderate. Seize the moment to expand the size and scope of government as much as you possibly can.”

Thus, the left’s kamikazes continue smashing into the flight deck even if it means losing in 2022 or 2024. The irreparable damage to the nation is a mere inconvenience as the left catapults America toward socialism.

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The Kamikazes of the Right

There are also kamikazes of the right that reflect a different, less vocal dynamic. The conservative issues of family, property, and morality are generally attractive to public opinion. Thus, unlike the left, the right does not hide but proclaims its goals. However, upholding a morality agenda can be arduous in today’s hostile culture.

Thus, the right’s kamikaze politics comes from those who abandon its core perennial principles. It comes from caving in on important issues in the name of compromise or dialogue. Elected officials will act on economic matters but fail to move on vital moral issues like procured abortion, same-sex “marriage” and “transgenderism.” Judges hand down rulings contrary to conservative principles like Bostock v. Clayton County defending the LGBTQ agenda in the name of a misguided originalism.

Conservative kamikazes commit political suicide by allowing themselves to be intimidated by “woke” politics. They grovel to liberal causes like Critical Race Theory to not appear biased. The Republican National Committee, for example, recently announced the formation of an “RNC Pride Coalition,” even though this alienates its pro-family grassroots.

All this is done without regard for the welfare of the nation. The country has reached a state of decadence where people impose their agendas or abandon their principles in desperate attempts to change the system regardless of the consequences.

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It is the dangerous hour of the kamikazes. They must be denounced lest they ruin the nation.

Photo Credit: © JLanzerCC BY-SA 4.0