Accepting After-School Satan Clubs Is Cultural Suicide and Child Abuse of the Worst Kind

Accepting After-School Satan Clubs Is Cultural Suicide and Child Abuse of the Worst Kind
Parents across America are alarmed over the Satanic Temple (TST)’s efforts to create after-school clubs in elementary schools.

Parents across America are alarmed over the Satanic Temple (TST)’s efforts to create after-school clubs in elementary schools. The threat has ignited outrage at school board meetings as many parents voice their opposition to opening the door to Satan to their children.

The results of these meetings are mixed. Many boards respect the wishes of the majority and forbid these clubs from their schools. Others cave into the pressure and give Satan a foothold.

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One reason Christians lose the vote is that they let the Satanists frame the debate with false liberal premises. Satan can be more easily defeated if Christians reject these premises.

All Beliefs Are Not Equal

Accepting Satan is a logical and extreme consequence of liberalism’s refusal to make value judgments. Liberalism holds that all opinions must be free to develop as long as no one is harmed. Under such a distorted vision, all beliefs are equal, and the State must remain neutral whether allowing or disallowing them. When a platform like an after-school club location is available for some opinions, it must be allowed for all.

Thus, the liberal premise is that Christianity and Satanism, Christ and Satan, are morally equivalent. Followers of each have the right to expression and access to impressionable young minds since there is no physical harm. In a secular liberal society, the premise is that religion is a purely private matter each adult determines based on his feelings and personal choice.

The Satanic Temple takes this premise of equivalence and uses it against Christians. It even presents itself as a secular club promoting rationalism, not Satan. The idea is to overcome resistance from the prevailing liberal society that still holds some sympathy for Christianity. The Satanists can count on many to uphold the liberal premise of moral equivalence, which weakens Christian arguments considerably.

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Parents Must Reject This Premise

When the debate is framed in this manner, it will always favor the Satanists, even when they lose school board votes. The fundamental aim of the Satanists is to dethrone God and put Him on equal footing with Satan. Accepting Satan as a normal option is part of their strategy to make Satanism mainstream and pave the road to the ever greater practice of the occult found throughout the culture.

To win, parents must insist there is no moral equivalency between Christianity and Satanism. The two positions are in conflict. Christ and Christianity represent all that is objectively good, virtuous, pure and according to human nature. Satanism represents that which has always been associated with evil, sin, impurity and things contrary to human nature. Christians adore Christ as God. Satanists see Satan as he who challenges and hates God. There is a battle between the two.

This battle spills over into the political sphere since Satanism allies itself to all the leftist social causes that are destroying Christian order, such as abortion, the LGBTQ+ agenda and attacks on public displays of the Ten Commandments.

A Hatred Toward God and Moral Order

However, the Satanic Temple, the same group that wants to hold after-school clubs, also engages in activities against God and the moral order.

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For example, on February 15, 2022, the Satanic Temple held its national convention in Scottsdale, Arizona, where it celebrated Lupercalia. On its website, one can read: “Lupercalia will be celebrated by holding mock rituals, orgies, sado-masochism, asexual awareness, bodily autonomy and wolves.” The same day, the group held an “impurity ball,” which it called “a raucous night of music, ritual, and debauchery” when participants could experience “the joys of sinning with abandon.”

The TST has erected Satanic statues on public property, going so far as to mock the traditional Nativity scene of Jesus, Mary and Joseph by putting a small grotesque goat-like statue of Baphomet in a manger last Christmas at the Illinois State Capitol Rotunda in Springfield.

An example of TST’s outreach to children is a Satanic coloring book that portrays images of the devil, a horned beast, skulls and a picture of a child performing a summoning spell over a pentagram.

Other rituals include “unbaptism ceremonies,” where participants are encouraged to renounce their Baptism. There are Satanic masses that celebrate blasphemy, sacrilege, attacks on God and the true Catholic Mass.

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Cultural Suicide

Thus, by allowing Satan clubs at schools, Christian parents allow those who hate everything they stand for into institutions they financially support. It is a cultural suicide that forces Christians to accept unopposed the use of their school for blasphemy, sacrilege and sin.

Even if their children do not attend the after-school classes, the acceptance of the Satanists sends a message of endorsement by providing a public platform. It affirms that Satan has the right to citizenship inside the school. With unbaptism ceremonies, blasphemy and the like, the Satanists have no problem identifying Christianity as something to be suppressed and denigrated.

Those who promote these clubs implicitly affirm there is no objective good or evil, only differing opinions. Without a notion of good and evil, society can have no morality or order. For this reason, the clubs should be banned as harmful to others.

Child Abuse of the Worst Kind

The debate needs to be framed as something beyond just another opinion or personal choice like any other. Instead, parents should emphasize that their schools should not be used by those who actively work against God. It is a moral decision that involves the souls of their children. No parent or student should be forced to accept Satan inside the school. This is child abuse of the worst kind since it targets the souls of the most vulnerable.

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Good and evil, God and Satan exist, independent of some parents, teachers or administrators who may not believe in them. Such figures must not be allowed to impose their lack of belief upon others. Christians must live up to their baptismal promises and reject Satan and all his works.