Baby Boomer Gives Gun Protesters Something to Think About

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Dear young friend, I have watched your protests against gun violence and could not help but recall my own youth. As a child of the Sixties, I was born of a generation that also had protests. I recall my desires to change the world and make it a better place by challenging everything. I remember … Read more

Dealing with a Walk-Away World

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A colleague told me of an intriguing incident at a conference of accountants that were studying recent changes in tax regulations. One speaker gave a talk on recruiting new staff and how to deal with turnover. An attendee then asked a question remarking that from the context of her presentation, it seemed companies were facing … Read more

Need a Speaker for 2018?

Return to Order Fourth Printing of ‘Return to Order’ Contributes to the Debate over Nation’s Future

If you like the ideas found in the book, Return to Order, now is the time to schedule author John Horvat II to address your group or gathering for 2018. Over the years, Mr. Horvat has spoken at hundreds of events and functions with his clear message to bring America back to God and Christian … Read more

The Educational Importance of Manners

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At first glance it might seem rather forced to make a connection between education and manners. In our secular society, manners like morals seem to be optional in the formation of youth. It is something relegated to parents to teach children at the dinner table if and when they eat together. Manners are a feel … Read more

Who Will Banish the Madmen in Education?

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Young people get blamed for a lot of things. They’re called snowflakes for withering and melting at the least criticism or politically incorrect commentary. They are deemed irresponsible and accused of merely “adulting” when they manage to handle the life decisions typical of adults. And now the Department of Education’s latest financial report finds them … Read more

The Real Foundation of American Law: Natural Law

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There can be no doubt about the intention of the Founders regarding the basis of American law. America was founded upon a notion of all law subject to a higher law, that is, natural law. Free Book: Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society Where Weve Been, How We Got … Read more

How Judges Become Tyrants

Return to Order How Judges Become Tyrants

Among the three branches of American government, there is supposed to be a system of checks and balances to curb any abuse of power. That is at least the theory. In practice, the judicial branch is now engaged in a campaign of checks without balances or precedent. Judges are becoming tyrants without restraint. It is … Read more

A Christmas Reflection

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We gather to celebrate the beautiful feast of Christmas, a lovable tradition, established and handed down to us through the centuries. As the year comes to a close, we look back to find that last year ended in similar circumstances: generalized chaos and confusion as risks increase. Presently our situation is similar to last year’s … Read more

Christianity Greatly Favors the Welfare of the State

Return to Order The Middle Ages: An Explosion of Freedom, Creativity and Progress 3

The beneficent action of how Christianity greatly favors the welfare of the State is described by Saint Augustine, who comments: “Let those who say that the teachings of Christ are harmful to the State find armies with soldiers who live up to the standards of the teachings of Jesus. Let them provide governors, husbands and … Read more