Did God Give America a Great Reprieve?

Did_God_Give_America_a_Great_Reprieve-300x200 Did God Give America a Great Reprieve?To those Americans concerned about the moral state of the nation, the immediate reaction to the November 8 elections was one of enormous relief. It was as if a colossal amount of pressure was suddenly released. There was the thrill of something entirely unexpected. People were overjoyed beyond words.

Adding to the intense drama, there was the sensation that a great danger was taken from our path. We had averted a dead-end situation for which there were no human solutions. We were somehow saved from a terrible calamity that had seemed so imminent.

Two main elements contributed to this perception of inevitable disaster. The first was that so much was at stake—the Supreme Court, anti-abortion laws, socialist big government programs, massive regulations and even the specter of persecution for the Faith. The candidate that represented all these things enjoyed all the prestige of the media and the favor of the pollsters. The foreboding of a sinister outcome could not have been greater.

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The second element was the lack of a moral solution proportional to the level of the crisis. Moral conservatives were faced with a candidate that was universally acknowledged as flawed and many considered as merely the lesser of two evils. This was an election of desperation not enthusiasm because the alternative was just too awful to fathom. Significant sectors of the electorate, however, did not feel they could unite around a candidate that did not share many of their values.

And then it happened. A startled electorate watched the results come in and saw the numbers slowly shift in their favor with a sweep of the White House, both houses of Congress, and a record number of state houses.

Analysts are still scrambling to explain the unexpected results of the elections. They point to abstract categories like the blue-collar vote, the white vote or the Catholic vote. For them, all elections are number games and media shows. They believe the outcome depends on who plays the game best and spends the most.

There was, however, another factor outside the game that should not be underestimated. In the face of an impending disaster, many Americans did something that they do not often do in political situations like these. They prayed.

Prayer is not something that can be measured by polls or political observers. And since it cannot be quantified, those without faith treat them as something quaint and childish hardly worthy of consideration. But in an election where all the rules of the game were broken, there is no reason to rule out the influence of prayer. The fact is many Americans did pray in the weeks and days leading up to that fateful November day when the course of the nation was decided.

Not only did they pray, but it appears they prayed hard. All across America, there were prayer vigils, rosaries, novenas and benediction services that were mentioned on social media or announced in church bulletins. Some fasted for the nation. Thousands gathered and prayed in the public square. Others simply poured out their souls to God in almost biblical manner asking for His aid in their moments of affliction. And as is common with such prayers, there was an implicit promise that if we were delivered from this trial, we would turn back to God.

Of course, to suggest that this prayer might have had something to do with the final results of an election is anathema. None dare whisper it for it is so politically incorrect.

But in this election that broke all the rules, why not break one more rule and shout it about? The fact is countless Americans who woke up on the morning of November 9 after the election sensed their prayers had been answered beyond all expectations. They sensed unexplainable Christian joy and hope in seeing a calamity had been averted. They were convinced in the depths of their souls that God had heard their prayers. They were energized by the results, and are determined to turn back to God.

This is not to say that God endorsed the winning candidate (he lost the popular vote) only that He heard the cries of those who were afflicted and found a way to deliver them from a catastrophic future. The victory may have been due much more to those who called it forth with their prayers than the efforts of its flawed victor.

God also did not grant total victory. However, many feel He has given America a great reprieve, a second chance, to get it right with Him.

If we have been given this reprieve, then we should use it to turn back to God. We should keep our part of the bargain and turn back to Him and His law. There is no time to be complacent or delve into purely economic solutions that sidestep the moral crisis in America. The fervent prayers must continue. Above all, we must also make sure our elected officials follow through on their promises of a platform that puts God first and thus will truly make America great.

Indeed, we have a little time, a short reprieve. We would do well to use this time wisely. This election has shown what can be done. If we uphold God’s law, we can count on Him to break all the rules.


  • Eileen Tiernan

    I have read the above article “Did God give America a reprieve”. I am sure that the result of the American election is an answer to prayer not just for America but gives the wider world hope that in the words of Our Lady of Fatima ” in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. That best describes my feeling (as an Irish person) hearing the result of this election, Whatever we felt about the candidates and their suitability that the result was an answer to prayer which was nothing short of a miracle given the odds against getting a candidate elected who was offering to bring about change and change for the moral good of the people as well.
    I would like to say though that I would like to hear less finger pointing and more of a Christian Spirit of encouragement towards Donald Trump. Despite his past human failings, and who are any of us to judge, he showed openness in his campaign to democracy and Christian values. I think the future good of America rests upon him; what an immense responsibility he has been given in the role of leading America. He now deserves the prayer support and encouragement of the people in this important task. I didn’t get a chance to follow his campaign very closely but heard one of the last statements he made just prior to the election. ” this may be my only way to heaven” I was very touched when I heard these words following on what I had heard of the policies he was offering, feeling that America was facing in this election a very clear choice between good and evil. I am glad that the chose the right bad and thank God that Donald Trump was the candidate that offering the better path. I pray that his leadership will now make all the difference in making America ~Great !!. Eileen Tiernan
    ~Eileen Ireland

    • Jerryb53

      Thank You Eileen for those words. Being Irish and my great grand parents coming from County Cork I pray for Ireland also that was once a great Catholic Country only to see it accept gay marriage and abortion. I pray for your Country to make the turn around that America seems to have made. God Bless You!

    • Carmen Sepulveda

      I agree with you about Trump. God used many men with human failings to achieve his ends before. I really believe he is using Donald Trump to do the same now.

    • OMG

      Hi Eileeen,
      I did not hear D. Trump talking about heaven, but I hope he really believes and said what you say! I think that victory has humbled Trump, and that is an auspicious beginning.

      Isn’t M. Pence a blessing? M. Pence spoke in defense of life during his debate with T. Kaine. Kaine, a professing Catholic, put Catholicism to shame by not speaking so. Pence, an evangelical but baptized Catholic,seemed to speak via the Holy Spirit, so eloquently did he speak.

  • Rose de Bakker

    A good insight in what can happen when people are willing to pray fervently! e are not asked to “like” people, but love them. God can change unlikable people, when we are willing to love them regardless, to the best of our ability. Canada needs prayers also!

  • mariawennink@yahoo.ca

    I think that God has given the States a reprieve through the year of Mercy, we just finished. If a union of the States is arrived at, it will be a major accomplishment. And if God’s existence is acknowledged, it will also be a major accomplishment. But that is what we have to arrive at all over the world, not just in the States. The more we get the youth involved in the church, the better it is. In our church we have a tremendous lot accomplished by involving the youth and they are all responding. That is what is needed to bring God back to the people. God bless you all for your good work towards this end.

  • Harold Levi

    North America is a Promised Land and we are about to lose it as the Jews lost Palestine. The Jews and Gentiles MUST work together to stop the forces of Satan. One of the tools is the Convention of States. This organization is working to amend the U.S. Constitution, using Article V, in such a way as to limit, if not stop, much of the Evil that has been brought by the current and last several administrations. Remember, charity begins at home NOT with the Government! We MUST stop the false prophets (news media) and melt down the golden calves (free stuff from government). God is the Answer NOT Government!!!!!!!

    Battle Flags Up America!

  • jcsmitty

    There is no doubt in my mind that God answered prayer. In my own little prayer group, where we prayed numerous patriotic rosaries, novenas, etc., etc., we even got a word: “I heard your prayers.” Now, as the author says, we cannot stop with the election. We do need to repent, fast, pray. This nation needs conversion. Abortion needs to end. And even flawed government officials can be graced with conversion and have God’s wisdom poured upon them. God bless America!!

    • hillaryLiedAmericansDied

      As Christian Americans abolished slavery, so will they, with God Almighty,

      ABOLISH the killing of pre-born human beings that emotionally mauls their


      • Yan

        I hope you are right, but I feel I should point out that Christian Europe abolished slavery during the so-called “Dark Ages.” Slavery didn’t reappear in the West until Christian Spain, Portugal, and England decided that Indian and African slavery was important to their economic well-being.

        I am continually amazed at how Americans and the English are so eager to praise themselves for “abolishing” an evil that had already been abolished for 1,000 years when they re-introduced it.

        People with a real conscience about their civilization should instead ask themselves how it was possible that a practice which had been abolished in the West for 1000 years, was by them made once again a common and acceptable practice for over 200 years.

        Perhaps, as with slavery, the practice of abortion, proscribed in the West for perhaps 1,500 years, will once again become proscribed.

        • Paul Bojorquez

          Actually, unfortunately, slavery still exists to this very day in many countries. It is quite common in Africa, where others enslave people of their own color and heritage! No doubt, slavery is a deplorable practice, but it has always been practiced and is still being practiced. I am so tired of this “white guilt” being inflicted upon people, especially in this country. Americans did not start the practice, it was brought here with English settlers and others, but Americans did end it here and although not all Americans were slave owners (most were not), tens of thousands of white Americans died fighting against it and risked their lives and their families to help runaway slaves in the underground railroad. Nobody ever seems to acknowledge their sacrifice, sadly.

          • faithandhonor

            Boy, isn’t THAT the truth!! When those greedy “reparationists” demand their 40 acres and a mule, I tell them that 600,000 people died on their own soil to eradicate slavery, and that payment has been MADE IN FULL.

          • Yan

            My point had nothing to do with “white guilt.”

            You rightly point out that slavery still exists among some Africans. It also exists in some other Muslim countries in certain places.

            My point was that greed overcame the descendants of those people that had already abolished slavery some 1,000 years before. That being the case, is it really something to be unduly proud of that this practice had to be abolished a second time?

            I grant you that the abolition of slavery by England and America was a good thing. Do you not understand that the fact that they had to do so is also a disgrace?

            Rather than taking undue pride in what was done as a matter of moral necessity and as a means to correct a moral error, we should try to learn the lessons of what caused our moral failings in order to avoid falling into them again.

            The context of the introduction of the subject of slavery was a discussion about the possibility of eradicating abortion in the future. In that context, the 2nd abolition of slavery appears as a hopeful indicator that we may also abolish legal abortion a second time.

            I find it mildly depressing that you elected to use the occasion of that discussion in order to plug your own political views.

    • Junior1950

      The so called “flawed” government officials that you refer to are the biggest part of the problem, and should be replaced with persons with good solid Christian and conservative values!! Yes, God did answer our Prayers, but with the condition attached that we remove those “flawed” government officials (Mr. Obama, among many others) for abusing their power in office!!

    • Laura Lowder

      Not “officials.” REPRESENTATIVES.


    Dear Mr. President Trump
    Make USA GREAT again, a land of the great USA born people and legal immigrant who work for the greatness of USA and
    not another country or another way of life

  • Joe Toy

    Now let’s pray that we soon return to ONE NATION UNDER GOD! As President Ronald Reagan once said, “If we are not One Nation Under God then we are a nation gone under.” All this is included in my special intentions when I pray my daily rosary.

  • WmDomenico

    There was divine intervention in this presidential election as the Holy Spirit, Who dwells in all human souls, “whispered” in every voter’s conscience to make the godly choice. If one baby is protected from the horrors of abortion, it will have been worth it. America must return to its moral leadership.

  • Christians must band together and it starts by going to church and building God’s family weekly, not 2 or 3 times a year.
    God said 6 days shall you work and rest on the Sabbath day. If more companies could operate as Chick fil A does. Being closed on Sundays has not affected their bottom line, God may be blessing them for taking this stand.
    If we want America to be recognized around the world as “1 Nation Under God” we must do something that makes us stand out.

  • Yan

    I appreciate the use of perceptual language in this article. It shows humility about our actual knowledge of how God’s will pertained to this election.

    God is always giving people reprieves. That’s what He does all day long. I don’t think that says anything WHATSOEVER about the overall moral direction of the people of America or about the direction of our laws in making immorality into a legal norm.

    If people think this election means anything in relation to the foregoing they need to wake up. One of the devil’s favorite ploys is to encourage a feeling of God’s mercy to develop into a presumption in human hearts that things are going fine when they are NOT. AT. ALL.

    • InNeedOfGrace

      I thnk I understand what you are trying to say, but it kind of gives the impression that you are somehow giving the devil the credit for this election outcome so that the devil can use it to deceive us. Nothing good comes from the devil. The only “good” he can do is to make evil seem “good”. I do understand about not sitting back and relaxing like we have it made, though. Thankfully, from what I have seen and felt, many still feel a desperate need to keep praying hard and to beg for God’s mercy on our nation.

      And you are right; God’s reprieve is not a reflection of the general morality of our nation. His mercy, though ignited by the accumulation of the multitude of prayers and acts of fasting by singular persons, is bestowed on all.

      As a side note – as the U.S. goes, so goes the world. Our influence is that great, thus so is our responsibility.

  • Marguerite Mckee

    Dear Mr. John Hovat ll , Thank you for your beautiful words. I prayed and am still praying the America will keep God in this Land and it has always been. Or we well pay dearly for it. Our flawed government need a lot of prayers. Happy Thanks Giving . Love and Blessings

  • hillaryLiedAmericansDied

    Just as our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ CRUSHED the head of the serpent,

    He CRUSHED the evil baby-butchering agenda of the anti-Christ candidate!

    • John D

      Thank you Lord for saving us from the godless Clinton’s. Holy Mother please protect President Trump from the vicious left.

      • sjoppio

        hello, could you also all pray for Belgium and Brussels in particular, we are far away from what you are achieving in U.S. I followed the elections from nearby and pray everyday that he ( Donald Trump) may do well!!!
        I am ashamed of the arrogance of Europeans swallowing everything the media says.
        they are not aware of the evil that was just taken away from them by your prayers and election outcome…but you see… in France they start to get it too, by choosing Mr Fillon who is a good Catholic too!
        united in prayer!!!

        • John D

          My prayers are with you. The liberals are behind this immigration crazyness, because they want to fundamentally change the electorate in their favor. All this left name calling, i.e., Racist, Islamic-phobia, etc., is to shutdown conservative pushback. Islam will take over the West if we don’t pray for help from the Lord.

        • InNeedOfGrace

          You have my prayers. I fear for the fate of Europe, especially for those countries who have legalized every form of intrinsic evil known to man.

  • losealiberal

    I felt the same when hearing the results. God heard prayers as well as felt he could not let this nation fail. He performed his half of the bargain. Now Americans must return the gratitude and honor Him.
    As far as the liberal crybabies, stupid Democrats and fantasized Hollywood, well…they lost, and will blame everyone but themselves.

  • HudsonLink

    Pray. Pray daily. Pray with the intensity that you did for the election, because the reprieve will pass quickly.

    Pray for Trump, that he matures into wisdom, pray for the people around him, that they will listen to what God wants of them, pray that the people of this country will use this time to prepare themselves spiritually, morally and practically for the lashback that will follow.

    Those who hate God and His law are not going away. Pray.

  • Jeanne Taylor

    I agree, God answered our prayers through the intercession of Our Lady, Patroness of our land. However, we need to keep praying just as we did before the election. The devil is certainly in a rage against us. The chaos, the protests, the violence, the left’s fear mongering. Plus every appointee is accused unjustly by others by the losers. They are painting us as vile, deplorable racist and misogynists. Remember now is the time when ” good will be called evil and evil good.”. Keep praying your Rosaries, keep praying the novena to Our Lady of America.

  • Steve Boscarino

    Look folks, Trump isn’t in yet. The electoral college has yet to vote and that won’t happen until December 19th. You have what is called “Faithless Electors” which is a possibility…this show could be turned around. There is a movement afoot calling for the electoral college to vote for Clinton. Clinton has the popular vote by almost 2 million votes. A fund is being raised to the tune of $3 million to have a recount done in three states where Clinton lost. So, let us not count our chickens until they are hatched.

    • Marge Bomar

      You are so right, Steve. I am so concerned about the 12/19 vote. We need to continue to pray on a daily basis. God help us if Hillary gets in. I know Trump is not the ideal candidate but I do believe he’ll do his very best to get done what he promised in the campaign. We should not forget that he has to work with the Dems in doing anything, which means he must get along with them. He is in a touchy situation. I hate to see him select so many people who were against him in the campaign to be in his cabinet. They could turn on him so quickly and do lots of damage to his efforts. I especially hate to see him give Romney the Sec’y. of State position. That’s a plum position that his faithful ally, Rudy Giuliani, wanted and is well qualified to hold. But it is Trump’s to fill as he pleases and my job is to support him as well as I can.

    • Gabriel

      Actually, that is just wishful thinking on the part of the liberals and, of course, scare mongering in order to make us lose heart. It would be unconstitutional as the electoral college was set up to protect the people who do not live in the big states, big cities (New York, LA). Fundraising cannot overrule constitutional law. Also, there is a
      deadline for requesting recounts and most likely those dates are past or,
      close to being in the past. Also, if they somehow manage to pull it
      off, I believe there would be such an uproar, that states Clinton won
      would also have to recount and all the voter fraud from illegals,
      deceased ‘voters’ and multiple votes from the same people could be
      discovered. Also, for the record, Lincoln won by Electoral votes – he did not win the popular vote!!! Should we overturn his presidency?

      (By the way, I would like to also add for the record that this country was set up to be a Republic – wherein every citizen is meant to have an equal voice. The idea of a Democracy was deliberately rejected by the founding fathers because they saw it as mob rule. That is why the government over the past hundred years has managed to get it into the minds of US citizens that we are a Democracy rather than a Republic. When Benjamin Franklin was asked what kind of government we have, his reply was, “A Republic, if you can keep it.!” Those crying for recounts and overturning the vote because Clinton, supposedly, got the popular vote is mob rule!)

      • Steve Boscarino

        Gabriel, I agree with you whole heartedly, but the media plays on our fears. All the points you made about this republic are true. A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.” As Marge Bomar stated, “We must continue to pray on a daily basis.”

    • John Webb

      I agree completely with Steve. This election is not over yet. We’ve got to keep up the prayers!

      • InNeedOfGrace

        If an electoral college member refuses to “vote” for Trump or tries to abstain, it is already provided for that a replacement, who will sign the document, will take his/her place. The electoral college’s purpose is to make a proclamation, not to vote in the same sense that we vote. The election is BASICALLY over. Read up about how the electoral college works, and your fear about who will be installed as President come January (sans assassination) will be alleviated. See:


        “Are there restrictions on who the Electors can vote for?

        There is no Constitutional provision or Federal law
        that requires Electors to vote according to the results of the popular
        vote in their states. Some states, however, require Electors to cast
        their votes according to the popular vote. These pledges fall into two
        categories—Electors BOUND BY STATE LAW and those BOUND BY PLEDGES to
        political parties.

        The U.S. Supreme Court has held that the Constitution does NOT
        require that Electors be completely FREE to act as they choose and
        therefore, political parties may extract pledges from electors to vote
        for the parties’ nominees. Some state laws provide that so-called
        “faithless Electors” may be subject to fines or may be DISQUALIFIED for
        casting an invalid vote and be REPLACED by a substitute elector. The
        Supreme Court has not specifically ruled on the question of whether
        pledges and penalties for failure to vote as pledged may be enforced
        under the Constitution. No Elector has ever been prosecuted for failing to vote as pledged.

        Today, it is rare for Electors to disregard the popular vote by
        casting their electoral vote for someone other than their party’s
        candidate. Electors generally hold a leadership position in their party
        or were chosen to recognize years of loyal service to the party.
        Throughout our history as a nation, more than 99 percent of Electors
        have voted as pledged.”

    • proudmomoffive

      At least in Arizona, I’m not sure if in another states as well, or if this comes stright from RNC: all the Arizona electors, although not bound, signed a compromise to sign the official state declaration, declaring Trump the winner in that state. They were asked Nov 16 if any would like to abstain, that was the time to step back. They would be replaced by another elector that is willing to sign the official declaration. If any elector becomes roudy or refuses to sign the official declaration on Dec 19, he will be removed, even by police if necesssary, and replaced by another elector that is willing to sign the official state declaration. This Electoral College is very serious stuff, it represents the value of each American voter and our faith in the Constitution and the Republic. The media and Clinton fans are so irresponsible to stoke this animosity against Trump as if what happened didn’t mattered and can be tossed away. Besides, if they recount the votes, Will they be willing to straighten up all the illegal immigrants, dead people and repeat voters that went to Hellary? This is nothing less than total anarchy. We need to keep our prayers and fasting and sacrifices up.

  • Diane

    If you check out utube (Election meltdowns) one actress when discovering the Trump win states
    “get your abortions”. Could not get over that one!

    • InNeedOfGrace

      I feel sorrow and fear for her.

  • salesgirl

    Amen we are not out of woods yet. It’s not just abortion that makes God sick of us. Trump has made comments that prove he doesn’t understand what marriage is, for starters. Too many think nothing of God’s commandments, even those who say they are Christian. They still take His Name in vain, they still profane the Sabbath day… They covet neighbor’s goods (keeping up with the Joneses) and spouses (through porn and strip clubs – how sick is it that they call them “gentleman’s clubs”). And nothing has been done over the years, people – including Christians – just shrug and say “that’s the way the world is now” or “that’s free speech.” God ALWAYS holds up His end, it’s us who wander off. Pretty sad things had to get so desperate before people banded together to pray for their nation. Maybe if we HAD been praying for every election all along we would not be in the jam we’re in now.

  • salesgirl

    Amen we are not out of woods yet – (Trump said “[marriage “equality” is] law. It was settled in the Supreme Court..and I’m fine with that.”) – Because it’s not just abortion that “cries out to Heaven….” (Not to mention ignorance of our Constitution, it’s Congress that makes laws, not courts) We still have many who think nothing – or know nothing -of God’s commandments, even those who say they are Christian. (Maybe not deliberately, maybe out of not being aware of what they don’t know or have forgotten, but nonetheless, we need to make it a priority to address this.) People are still taking His Name in vain, still profaning the Sabbath day, porn and strip clubs are operating unopposed – how sick is it that they are called “gentleman’s clubs”?? But as horrific as as this disregard for God’s Law is, it is sadder still that those who profess to love God ***disrespect Him in His own house.*** Let us be like Josiah and Huldah in Kings/Chronicles, read the instructions and conform our worship of God to the instructions He has given.
    The more time spent in prayer and adoration, the more do your homework and study the faith and research history, the more you will find that far too much of what is being done in His Churches is actually a profanation, parricularly of His Sacred Heart in Holy Sacrament. God ALWAYS holds up His end, it’s we who wander off the path He has shown us that leads to Him. Pretty sad things had to get so desperate before people banded together to pray for their nation. Maybe if we HAD been praying for every election all along, and learning our faith and practicing it in Church and out, we would not be in the jam we’re in now. Let’s press on and not quit what we started, and get serious about loving the Lord Our God with our whole heart, mind soul and strength and our neighbors as ourselves.

    • InNeedOfGrace

      HELLO people; He’s human! Besides, his position may change in regards to homosexuality and marriage. Give him a chance. If my husband can change his opinion about abortion, anyone can change if given the grace by God. Just pray for him. Obviously, prayer is powerful, as we just saw a very merciful God have mercy on an unworthy nation.

      • salesgirl

        Um…yeah. precisely my point. Keep praying and not only that but pray well ESPECIALLY at Holy Mass, in the presence of Our Lord Savior and King. Be like Josiah: read the scrolls, be sure to do what they say and toss out anything not found in them.

  • Randal Agostini

    Good article that articulates what so many feel. When I consider what God does or does not do I look to the Old Testament for guidance. There I see that God expects us to turn back to him – to put him first. It is not just a question of leadership, it means that we all have to put our shoulders to the wheel. We have to get away from the TV and get involved, from the ground up. Yes we have to pray, to re-create an environment of Faith, but that is going to take all of us working together in our families and communities. Look how such a few people could take away what we believe and we sat back and saw it happen right before our eyes.

  • samnigromd


    by Copyright c Samuel A. Nigro, MD, 2015

    Justice is contradicted when one’s government overcriminalizes and over-incarcerates as part of its regimented Soviet-like over-control and plunder of allegedly freeborn citizens. The government is filled with malicious vigilantes masquerading as promoters of the common good when, in reality, they only promote what valueless virtue-less liberal looney editors have managed to manipulate the people into behaving like Pavlovian dogs converting their own minds into the unNatural. Basically, excepting most in the military, the emotion of being in government law is a grandiose abuse of the great American propaganda of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. As a Great Course on evil once stated that government “law does not care about truth or justice but legalisms.” Thus, “American Justice” is an oxymoron.
    In Cleveland, Ohio, and elsewhere, sweeping reforms are now in process to help police deal with people by sensitivity training, “de-escalation of conflict,” “cultural competency,” “bias-free policing,” new rules for lies, less violence and more tracking performance. However, what police groups need, pales in contrast to reforms needed by the entire legal, law, and government systems–now a totalitarian system (an insult to the Founders) which has incarcerated for over two decades each more than 300 innocent men (and magnitudes are still unfree because there is no DNA proof of innocence of who knows how many others). This is at least 6000 years of accumulated unjust imprisonment for these innocent 300 men–proof of the need for sweeping reforms to reacquire Founders’ virtue, truth and justice (and reforms must include that no one is allowed to hold any government office without having serving three years honorably in the military). The opinions and poems in this issue are to awaken from the American Nightmare of fast-food-like legalisms which have made “American Justice” into an oxymoron:
    1. Machiavelli was correct when he stated that those in government will destroy those who criticize. I discovered that those in government are very sensitive, seeing all criticism as threat to their power. I also discovered that government workers consider “improvement suggestions” as “criticisms” also, because “better ways of doing things” means inadequate performance for the job they are doing. I found government workers must present themselves as “infallible” (not needing help or criticism) to protect themselves and all above them in the government hierarchy. This “infallibility” is a singspiele truism which cannot be denied by American traitors in government functioning causing disappearance of truth and justice. To the contrary, all government workers must learn to accept all criticism and offers to help in good faith without paranoia.
    2. All government workers, from the White House to Medicare paper clerk, function based on power, which means power must be used or one loses identity, credibility and self-worth. This was proven by the Stanford Penitentiary Experiment (check on the Web) which demonstrated the automatic corrupting effects of power even on bright idealistic college students. Power creates a cesspool of government hunter-hater-killers of citizens turning them into “subjects” of the arrogant royalty in charge. All government workers should take an oath with the President at every State of the Union Address swearing not to follow the Stanford Penitentiary Experiment findings.
    3. All government workers compose a unity of authoritarianism which Franz Jagerstatter called “a gang” because the workers dutifully followed peers, in obedience to orders or influences from above, to do what was unjust if not evil. Stanley Milgrim Suggestibility (check on the Web) proves the interdependence and compliance to “gang-like” behavior. Basically, suggestible manipulated Americans love to be idiots for the latest flimflam for personal aggrandizement masquerading as public good. All government workers should take an oath with the President at every State of the Union Address swearing not to follow the Stanley Milgrim Suggestibility findings.
    4. “Equality before the law” is a myth especially by “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.” There are law libraries filled with laws. The common man cannot know them all and new laws metastasize daily from the scribes, Pharisees, and Herodians in government. The law is a self-inflated confidence game based on P.T. Barnum as law school dean. No one should be prosecuted without a one year notification of the law and corrective intervention offered concerning the laws allegedly being violated. And no proceedings can continue without a fair, truth-seeking Grand Jury processing which is now little more than absurd rubber-stamping of whatever the prosecution presents.
    5. Prosecutors, investigators, judges, and witnesses must all take an oath for all matters to “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”. Without that, “equality before the law” is a myth. Truth and justice pretended, the law is a bunch of legalism cue cards (used as in a pretentious Scrabble-Game-like selection process) to oppress citizens and to give the tabloid press and media sensational themes supporting the politicians involved. Truth is relevant only if ALL take the oath for truth. All investigators must wear audiocameras documenting fully ALL their investigative activities. No investigation findings can be used when gathered and processed without complete audiocamera verification.
    6. The Constitution guarantees a jury trial, but plea bargains slickly deprive of a jury trial in 90% of criminal cases, which an outrageous defecation on the U.S. Constitution. This is because the accused is routinely overwelmed by calculated, arbitrary and capricious schemes of multiple counts, the number of which forces acceptance of plea bargained lesser charges (often a “plea perjury” rather than “bargain”). Judicial imagination macerates to see what is not there. This can be remedied by “each initial charge count is a juror” equivalent. That is, all initial charges/counts must be proven for a “guilty” ruling. Thus “Innocent until proven guilty” means more than accepting a spurious plea of guilt–It means “Innocent until proven guilty by a Constitutionally guaranteed jury of one’s peers.” Corrective actions include prohibiting “counts” being bargained away. If a count is filed, it must be proven…If 50 counts are filed, all 50 counts must be proved for a “jury equivalent” ruling of “guilt.” And plea bargains cannot be construed to mean “proven guilt.” Until guilt is “proven”, one remains factually innocent even if administratively (plea bargained–which is not “proven”) “guilty”.
    7. As medical records have been opened to ensure justice, so must all legal records be opened in court proceedings so that truth and justice prevail. “Justice” is a joke with closed legal records. Like medical records now, legal records must contain precisely defined procedures and services which are coded and fee-set as are medical records. Without open records, the law is a vaudeville stage. The law is an unprofessional capitalist business sham until all records are open as in medicine.
    8. If “equality before the law” is a norm, financial considerations must be equalized. Those in the law leak money and dishonor at every pore. There is no “equality” without “cost” equality.
    9. Investigators, especially, must be equalized by a “counter-investigator” by Inspector General’s Office (although IG people are part of the “gang” too and thus may be suspect?) for all alleged breaking of any law. Investigators are really glib “salesmen” notorious for egoism, Narcissism, false accusations, maliciousness, slander, defamation, prevarications, suppression of any exculpatory evidence, witness coaching, false evidence creation, blatant retaliation, and pervasive arbitrary and capricious proclamations to manipulate the press and hypnotize the overly suggestible, self-deluded arrogant judge even when there was a “plea bargain” not to do so. All in the law are show-biz John Wayne wannabes. The oath for “truth” should help.
    10. “Innocent until proven guilty” (“presumption of innocence”) is fantastic humbug and no longer a good faith component of government law especially apparent in prosecution and government actions. Non-judicial judges, especially if female, are especially prone to the magnificent lie fests from tawdry investigators skilled in dogmatic flimflam. Judges are not “equal” but are prima donnas gloating over their hagiography as continuously proclaimed from the first day of law school. Prosecutors and investigators, above all, are salesmen for their conviction rates. A judge’s required oath for truth should help even if she is self-infatuated (as all judges are as required by the self-inflated image the law imposes for itself) and non-judicially ignorant of objectivity (as most are led to non-being by the lies of the prosecution and investigators).
    11. Dealing with the press is totally unequal before the law. Even with plea bargains, the prosecution will give mountains of baloney to the press while the defendants are prohibited response or factual clarifications by their attorneys because of automatic vicious retaliation by the prosecutor (who as a politician does not want any negative publicity). Public notices to the press should be prohibited consideration in any judicial proceedings–jurors are regularly instructed to ignore non-court information–and so should the judge. The entire court should also be so required. But free speech must be equally allowed to the free press without negative consequences.
    12. The financial gains by those in government are outrageous. To help with the current government debt, ninety percent of all assets accumulated while in office and since, by all ever in government (and their families) of the last 50 years should be confiscated. The 45 million dollar worth of the Clintons comes to mind. The national debt will be helped greatly by recovery of what politicians have extorted from citizens by special privileges and benefits not available to the common citizen. Until this happens, our politicians in office have become “royalty” in the worst senses of the word.
    These proposals are gifts to citizens deserving to live free with a government filled with overlords, tyrants, and emperors worse than King George III. The legal system is an untrustworthy opportunistic capitalist business–a prison industry run by politicians with fabricated reputations using press & media standards. It is time for a new revolution. To begin with, more than sixty (60!) centuries of imprisoned innocents are enough, and more is needed than “consent decrees” for police organizations. Until these steps happen, American Justice is an oxymoron.

  • Gloria Pinsker

    Yes, those were my feelings, too. I prayed a lot before this election, for our country and for guidance in my own voting. I am grateful for the outcome, and I hope and pray that our President-Elect will do a great job and put this country back on track, at least somewhat. Remember, the prayers can’t stop now — we must continue to pray for safety and wisdom for our new President, and for our country.

  • Laura Lowder

    God answered our prayer. Yes.
    God has given us a reprieve. Maybe. Many of us who only voted for Trump in the 11th hour because of the Wikileaks revelations are still concerned; Trump’s many and serious flaws are still there.
    We must get off our collective rumps and resume our civic responsibilities, and abandon the lazy and foolish idea of leaving everything to “professionals,” to “experts,” and above all to government “officials” who are, in fact, REPRESENTATIVES, NOT OFFICIALS. The whole of our society needs to be reclaimed and reshaped, every single dimension of it has been contaminated by secular atheism. And the reclamation will require a lot of work and inconvenience to us all. But it must be done.

  • Paul Bojorquez

    Amen! Although I have been a woman of prayer for quite some, these past few months I have fervently prayed and literally cried out to God pleading for mercy for a nation which I knew did not deserve it. But God often grants His abundant mercy to those who don’t deserve it. In fact, I would venture to say that not one who has received it actually deserved it, but our God is so good! I do believe that God heard, not just my prayers, but the millions of others that desperately went up to him during this painful election cycle. I praise you God for your unfathomable mercy and grace!! But I also fully understand that this is a temporary reprieve and there is much more fervent prayer needed! This country does not have a political problem, it has a moral crisis. I too pray that Christians will continue to petition God for revival, first in the hearts of His own people and then also for the millions of lost souls who desperately need a true Savior, not an earthly one, but God Himself. Dear Lord, open the eyes and ears of the people of this nation, including our elected representatives, so that they can see and hear your truth and turn from death to life. Nothing short of that will truly save our nation.

  • Gildaswiseman

    I am British living on the UK. I prayed a rosary 15 decades for three consecateurs day for Donald Trump you win and Clinton to dramatically lose. I suspect prayers like this were said all over the world. I am so happy that America and the world are reprieved from the Clinton tyranny.

    • Steve Boscarino


    • Bailey

      Thank you. I prayed until I cried every day begging God to deliver us from the evil befallingbour nation and in the persons of Obama and Clinton.
      I am going to mass every day in Lent to pray for him and to Thank God for answering our prayers and giving us Preisent Trump.
      I pray for the UK and Brexit as well.

  • taylor810

    Sorry but you are all blind fools! First of all you think by electing that has historically been a prince of vanity and greed to be an answer to pray from God. Stupid! Secondly, you automatically believe the hype you see on TV as genuine when if you give just a little thought to it, you know that computers, internet, e-mail accounts can easily all be hacked. Are you really that naïve and that there are those who have their own political agenda and sway the general public towards their way by spreading false accusations through controlled media? Really! You believe that Trump to be a gift from God, an answer to a prayer, why? because his political campaign is to make “America great again? Completely forgetting that our government is heavily influenced by wall-street. Wall-streets puppet- Trump.
    Regarding Hillary, Since when in this country are we guilty before proven innocent? I though it was the other way around? But through media hype, you automatically judge her without knowing all of the facts and without being proven.
    Blind fools!
    What made America great and what made America a world economic power was manufacturing, productivity, exportation of goods. That’s what built this nation and made the American dollar valued but what happened? We made the decision to get away from manufacturing and refocus our attention on sales and service.
    Henry Kissenger once said, “If you control the oil, you control the nations. If you control the food, you control the people”. Wall streets agenda or game plan has been in effect since the early 70’s and it has always been to break the American people for control.
    By heavily investing Japanese manufacturers such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, etc, and by controlling OPEC and spreading the media hype at that time that there was little oil, increased foreign oil prices and with highly influenced lobbyists controlled our own ability with government restrictions and regulations to produce oil and byproducts crippled our independence on foreign goods.
    American auto manufacturers began to suffer. Massive lay-offs, crippling economic status. American Auto union’s were support America by supporting the America workers. By imports were smaller, more fuel efficient and heavily being promoted with wall-street controlled advertising, and the American people bought it. American cities that once had strong economies such as Detroit or the steel industry in Pittsburg are now barren wastelands.
    So what happened next. After a period in time, American’s (now unemployed) could no longer pay their morgages. Vast amounts of American’s lost their homes, and Wall street bails themselves out on American tax payers pockets.
    And you think a presidential candidate that has feed wall street his entire career is a God send. You have been manipulated, lied to, and deceived just as you were in the 70’s and you believe it!
    It is all a form of control ladies and gentleman. It is a form of control by our wall-street controlled government that has influence our presidents since Reagan. The last time we saw economic growth was from his administration in the 80’s.
    Wall-street, that has and when you really look at it has shipped 100’s of thousands of jobs over seas. Has foreclosed on American households, has bailed themselves out, that has invested heavily not into our infrastructure but foreign economies, that has with the lack of exports reduced the American to near worthlessness, all for what sales and service?
    And what is sales and service today? It’s not jobs or careers is it? It is computer controlled automation because it’s cheaper and in reality nobody wants it. Do you like being harassed by telemarketers? do you enjoy long waits or with automated services just to get someone on the phone to speak to?
    How’s the American family doing? How are our morals and values that we used to hold up so high? What is really our society become? More and more shootings, more and more anger, hatred and animosity towards each other and the police. And you think a man who’s political and foreign policy is to build a wall and make another government pay for is good because it’s generates peace? Really?
    It’s not like of civil rights are being protected is it? It’s more like our civil rights are being encroached upon. It’s not like morals and values are being taught or promoted in this country but more like morals and values are being ignored and dismissed. Abortion, human trafficking, baby parts, transgenderism, homosexuality are all becoming the accepted common place. And you think that Trump is your savior.
    The only person who has nailed it for me was Mr. George Carlon when he said “this nation is entirely comprised of nitwits, morons and assholes”. I add to that by saying self-centered, arrogant, vain, greedy, glutenous, blind fools. “The foolish nation”.
    You can pray all you want and I want to make it clear that I do all the time. but if you pray with your eyes closed it doesn’t do any good. “Oh Jeruslem, you see the truth but you close your eyes”. ” They are taking it by force”. All in a society that is not only rejecting Christianity or religion but is promoting Witchcraft, Lucifer, Mammon. In a society that is allowing “After school with Satan”, Removing Christ from Christmas because it boils down to sales and commercialism.
    Wake up! Think about what is really going on. Open your eyes. You are being lied too, manipulated, controlled by wall-street controlled media.

    • John D

      Satan get behind me!

    • Paul Bojorquez

      I don’t entirely disagree with your comments (except for the name calling, of course). Just as I stated in an earlier comment, I prayed for mercy for our nation because I do see what has happened to our nation, all of it, and realize that at it’s core, our nation has fallen into moral decay and apathy and we are already being judged by God. All the things you listed happened as a direct result of people (especially Christians because they should know better!) shirking their civic duty to be watchmen and expose and oppose evil wherever it takes root. We are unlike any other country on earth, in that we were supposed to be a government of the people, by the people, for the people. We have no king to honor, as Peter admonished us to do (except of course for Jesus); we have elected representatives who take an oath before God to uphold our Constitution and boy have they failed to do that, but we also are to blame because we let them get away with it! That’s why my prayers were for Mercy, because this nation did not deserve his intercession! But I truly believe He granted us that Mercy and gave us a brief reprieve from total destruction of our nation. That is what HRC would have done; finished off our nation. Donald Trump is not our savior, for we only have one of those and His name is Jesus! He is a flawed human being, but God often uses flawed men to do His will because that is all there is! I believe God allowed Donald Trump to win to give us a last chance to change the course of our nation, and it starts by turning back to Him! Donald Trump, although flawed, does not want to destroy this country, he wants to make it better. Why do you think that almost the entire establishment was against him (and is still trying to overturn his election?). He hasn’t yet realized, I don’t think, that He cannot do that without God and I pray every day for His Salvation and the repentance and revival of this nation. I do believe in miracles and I also believe if enough people turn from their wicked ways and back to God that He may just heal our land. So continue to pray is what I will do.

      • Bailey


    • InNeedOfGrace

      Re: “Regarding Hillary, Since when in this country are we guilty before
      proven innocent? I though it was the other way around? But through
      media hype, you automatically judge her without knowing all of the facts
      and without being proven.”

      Uh … She has a 100% rating from planned parenthood and NARAL, That alone makes her the most dangerous, and loyal devil-following, politician to ever run for president. I do not think that Trump is considered to be an answer to prayer, directly; only as an indirect answer since he triumphed over Hillary. No one else would have. And by the way, I would sell your glass house, if I were you. For goodness’ sake, give him a chance to lead before you nail him to the cross, OK?

    • Bailey

      Yes. Trump was a God send and so is Mike Pence and Bannon and Conway and Spicer.
      We’ve been given a reprieve– an answer to our prayers and a remedy to all the woes you list. You are right about them. You are wrong about who Trump is.
      The PC public is afraid because they believe the media propahanda against him.
      The global elites- Dem and Repub, the media, and Davos crowd are afraid to lose their corrupt hold on power and on disseminating divisive propaganda to control us and ultimately limit our rights and usurp Constitutional authority with UN authority. They were well on their way with Obama.
      You can’t seriously think Hilliary was innocent. The Clinton Global Iniative and Foundation were pay to play schemes where they made millions– both are shut down and are under investigation still.
      Go look up froends of Bill and Haiti and see what the Haitians thinknof Clinton charity.
      PC stands for progressive communism and that’ s who Obama and Clinton are.
      Both are also

  • Paul Folley

    To conservatives of all stripes: don’t sit on your laurels! Get out and make hay while the sun is shining.

  • InNeedOfGrace

    I wish that were possible. I live in an area of the US where daily Mass is not a given. Sigh.

    • Bailey

      Get EWTN and watch the mass on TV.