To Make America Great, Turn Back to God

Moses-300x226 To Make America Great, Turn Back to God

“If the nation is to prosper, it needs to return to that moral code based on the Ten Commandments and natural law that made America great.”

More than a White House contest between two candidates, the 2016 election was the groundswell of growing discontent over America’s increasingly socialist tone.

Now, thanks be to God, the conservative vote won the White House, Senate and House, and a record number of governorships and statehouse majorities. This reality has brought relief and awakened great hopes. Above all, conservatives were buoyed by the promises of President-elect Donald Trump who assured them they would not be forgotten and that they would have a voice. Now is the time to fulfill these promises. American conservative voters must not be betrayed.

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Joining with many organizations in the conservative movement, and acting as the voice for moral values of its 200,000 campaign members nationwide, the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property—TFP expresses its hopes here and lists its demands for what must be done to right the course of the American nation.

*     *     *

What moved America’s forgotten voters on November 8 was a shattered order that has affected all aspects of life. As was repeated during the election cycle, the whole system is broken, its liberal and permissive vision for society has failed and voters are desperately looking for solutions.

Burdened by overregulation and social breakdown, the American model that worked for so long no longer functions. Indeed, the system even works against the interests of citizens. It no longer fuels dreams but rather sows uncertainties and nightmares, bringing stress, anxiety and depression.

Components of a Return to Order

That is why the solution to the present crisis must involve a return to order that addresses the whole picture of what has gone wrong in America, not just pieces of the puzzle. It must above all address the forgotten moral issues that are commonly left behind by politicians.

All too often, conservatives have fought tooth and nail against that which they do not want to see implemented in the country—abortion, socialism, transgenderism, social engineering in the military. This election victory provides the opportunity to outline the kind of order they do want for America.

Thus, any proposal for a return to order must include the following three points:

1. It must be a moral order in which leaders fearlessly do everything possible to advance the cause of life, the traditional family and Christian morals. If the nation is to prosper, it needs to return to that moral code based on the Ten Commandments and natural law that made America great. People must no longer be afraid to affirm this and stand up to a politically correct culture that claims there is no right and wrong by blurring all definitions. Without this essential component, America will not recover.

Indeed, any attempt to stimulate the economy without this return to morality will fail, since an economic system cannot thrive without the firm foundation of a work ethic, honesty and trust. A culture that knows no moral restraint and is obsessed by the frenetic intemperance of instant gratification will always be unbalanced and must ultimately fail. A nation that continues on the path of moral destruction can expect nothing but disaster.

2. It must be an anti-socialist order based on free enterprise. America must be freed from the burden of onerous regulations, massive one-size-fits-all government programs and high taxes. It is time to find organic solutions based on the ingenuity of the American people, their love of ordered liberty and their practical sense to get things done well. It is time for leaders at all levels of society to step up to the plate with creative solutions that eschew intrusive government. As long as America is suffocating under the yoke of socialist tyranny, there will be no return to order.

3. It must be an order that enthrones God once again. America has always been a nation that trusted in Divine Providence. However, that trust is now waning. But if we are not on God’s side, how can we expect Him to be on our side?

Enthroning God Once Again

The forgotten conservatives who worked so hard for this victory want a return to order that will make America great. More importantly, they want to build that moral America that God will bless.

It makes no sense that a nation built on Christian principles and one that defeated atheist Nazism and Communism, finds itself in a situation where Ten Commandments monuments, crosses, nativity scenes and Christmas carols are targeted by secular rage.

For too long, political correctness has held sway, banishing God from His rightful place in society, and now, in some instances, replacing Him with the public worship of Satan. Americans from all walks of life must have the courage to exercise their right to honor God in the public square. They must not be afraid to call upon God’s blessing and implore His aid in these difficult times. They must keep and respect His law by living lives of virtue and charity. If she is to prosper and be great, America must enthrone God again.

Wholesale Change

We must now adopt a program of wholesale change by immediate and urgent executive, legislative and judicial actions to right the nation’s course. The work to be done encompasses change not just in government, but at the very core of our culture. And more than just our elected officials keeping their promises, the task involves everyone in the conservative movement: clergy, individuals, families, grassroots organizations, think tanks and academia. To effect this needed change, the mindsets of many Americans must change. The labor is monumental and calls for a willingness to fight for America greater than the dogged opposition of those whose liberal agenda has brought the country to the verge of ruin.

Fighting for Life

Among America’s forgotten voters are those who fight for the most vulnerable—the unborn—demanding for them the fundamental right to life. Now is the time to bleach out the stain on America’s honor, its great sin against God: Roe v. Wade.

These forgotten voters expect President-elect Trump to nominate, and the Republican majority in the Senate to confirm, unquestionably pro-life judges for the U.S. Supreme Court and all federal courts. These judges must subscribe to our Common Law legal tradition of a higher law (divine and natural law) that should inform the laws of the land. They should interpret the Constitution to mean what was written and intended by our Founding Fathers, putting an end to the judicial activism of the past decades. They expect federal and state governments to defund Planned Parenthood.

The forgotten pro-life voter not only expects life for the unborn, but protection against euthanasia and assisted suicide that ravage the moral landscape and threaten society’s most vulnerable.

Fighting for the American Family

America’s forgotten voters also include those who defend the sacred institutions of marriage and the family.

Now is the time to overturn that second immense sin against God: Obergefell v. Hodges.

Together with getting marriage right again, America’s forgotten pro-family voters expect a Trump Administration to overturn Obama’s tyranny that forced homosexual and transgender policies on federal workers and contractors, the military and, above all, the nation’s schools.

America’s forgotten pro-family voters expect the prompt burial of Common Core, No Child Left Behind, Every Child Succeeds and a whole slew of other socialist choke holds on the wholesome and solid education of America’s children.

All these things are tearing America and its families apart. Now is the time to set them right. Without strong families, America can never be great.

Fighting for an Anti-Socialist America

The nation’s forgotten voters reject and demand the immediate repeal of a massive tide of socialist regulation, legislation and entitlements that inhibit the nation’s economic development and suffocate their efforts to prosper.

They have two sets of demands from the nation’s political leadership.

First, they demand the quick repeal of Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, the Death Tax and the thousands of socialist regulations and executive orders that are crippling and stifling America’s economy. This will liberate the nation’s potential, create jobs and help stabilize the economy.

Second, they demand the downsizing of government to its legitimate and constitutional limits. Not just the federal, but bloated and top-heavy state, county and municipal government as well.

Between killing the socialist regulatory behemoth and downsizing government, the economy will be stimulated, while government spending and debt will be reduced to manageable levels.

Fighting for America’s military and law enforcement

America’s forgotten voters demand the repeal of the sequester in our defense budget, and the homosexual, transgender and women-in-combat policies Obama imposed on our Armed Forces.

They demand a strong military and an Administration that backs it up in its role of defending the nation from all threats. These include a resurgent Russia and China, and Islamists who are pledged to destroy America and Western Christian civilization.

They are alarmed by the murder of our police officers and the anarchy now surfacing all over the country. They long for a return to the rule of law and a culture in which law and order are cherished and enforced.

Fighting for Sovereignty and a Pro-America Foreign Policy

Respect for borders is for a nation what respect for ownership and private property is to a family.

America’s forgotten voters demand this respect for borders and an end to sanctuary cities’ anarchical mocking of our immigration laws. They demand an end to the travesty of elections in which non-US citizens vote.

They demand a full reversal of Obama’s disastrous foreign policy including his Iran deal; the normalization of relations with Castro’s Marxist Cuba (the island prison); and the Paris Agreement on climate change.

They demand that America immediately reassure its traditional allies that the nation will always be true to its pledged word of honor and stands ready to defend them in the event of hostilities.

They warn against a misguided and baseless trust in and cooperation with a resurgent nationalist Russia and a faithless communist China. And they urge cautious and prudent measures to forestall the danger from a rising authoritarianism, as seen recently in Islamist Turkey.

* * *

These are the demands of millions of forgotten American voters on the cusp of the new Trump Administration and the TFP joins its voice to theirs.

May God grant wisdom, prudence, temperance, justice and fortitude to President-elect Trump and all our elected leaders.

And may the Blessed Mother protect and favor all Ten Commandments Americans who toil in the gigantic rebuilding that must be carried out, the rewarding labor of making America “one nation under God.”


November 15, 2016
The American TFP




    We have to turn back to GOD as a nation for without HIM this country will be torn apart from within. There is no other way but to LEAN ON THE EVERLASTING ARMS OF GOD

    • Paula Hendricks

      Jesus had to deal with corruption wherever he found it. He started a grassroots that ended in a groundswell.



  • Steppin on toes

    God has given The United States an opportunity to repent and return to him through our lord and savior Christ Jesus. He has shown us his mercy because many Spirit filled Christians have been praying for this nation and the just passed election. It is now that we must unit as one people and seek his face and continue to pray for this nation and leadership. When the wicked are in leadership the people and land mourn, when the righteous are in leadership the people and land rejoice and prosper!

  • Bernard B Carman

    here’s a plan that i believe has been God inspired:

  • Diane

    Cardinal Burke asked all Catholics to say the Novena Rosary for 54 days before the election. We believe that the Blessed Virgin had a great deal to do with the election of Donald Trump. We were also asked to fast for 8 days before the election. We hope that a President Trump will become a more Godly man and help us to get God back in America and throughout the world.

    • JohnC

      I agree and truly I think the results were miraculous as we have seen God and Our Lady intercede with miracles before. I believe that Donald Trump is a sinner undergoing conversion. We should all pray for his conversion to Jesus and our Faith.

      • Teresa Hamlin Wood

        I also participated in the 54-day novena for our nation, and also the novena for the election on I feel that Our Lady was instrumental in answering all the prayers being said for President-elect Trump. May he continue to be blessed throughout his presidency. In the holy name of Jesus. Amen.

  • Dasgeiss

    Yep, I couldn’t agree more and have been saying these things for years now. Without God at the Helm this nation will drift into chaos.

  • Judy Buczkowske

    Satan…pack your bags (and all Your evil spirits).Your reign in America is over!!!!

    We praise and thank you Lord Jesus.

  • Mary

    I agree wholeheartedly!
    Our nation must turn back to God and the Christian principles on which we were founded.

  • Connie Marshall

    I firmly believe that prayer was instrumental in President-Elect Trump’s victory!! If you have access to him, would you please let him know that? Many thanks for your book!!

  • Paul

    I don’t believe that a president who is openly racist, mysogynistic, and opportunistic is going to change the direction of the USA. The election fell apart at the nominating stage when both parties nominated totally unsuitable candidates.

    • JohnC

      This attitude gets us no where. He’s a sinner, just like every one of us. I also think he’s undergoing conversion. Conversion takes a long time and we need to pray for him and other leaders. The big, tired labels do nothing. Prayer does work and we saw it’s effects last Tuesday.

      • Marie Hayes

        What an excellent reply. Yes, we are All undergoing conversion each day, to arrive in the least little bit Worthy Enough to come to His /Eternal Home in Heaven.



        • Dirk Manning

          Liberals are still in denial.

    • Mayor11

      Paul obviously does NOT know the old Testament. God picked some of the most unlikely individuals, sinners, etc., etc. to rule.

  • Ann Reilly

    I really believe that all of us praying for Trump to win this election is what turned the tide. Hopefully we’ll be able to put God back in our society where He belongs.

  • Baugh

    So many people that I have talked to prayed so hard for Mr. Trump to get elected, including my self. I feel the chains of restraint and evil have been broken! We all need to continue to pray that the Trump/Pence team can help put America on the right moral path again!!

  • ER12696490

    I am interested also about the guy from Florida who gave a summary of WikiLeaks, were they received there information from. Please advise.

  • Bob K.


  • Jasper May

    Dear anonymous TFP writer. You say that “America’s forgotten voters … warn against a misguided and baseless trust in and cooperation with a resurgent nationalist Russia and a faithless communist China.”

    Do these forgotten voters believe that any cooperation with a nationalist Russia is misguided and baseless, while they themselves are nationalists? Or do they only warn us against misguided and baseless cooperation, not the guided and baseful kind of cooperation? God bless you, greetings from Jasper

  • Ike

    I agree except the last sentence. Only the TRIUNE God can protect America. Jesus is the only propitiator to the Father. this is very clear in Scripture.



  • Joanne P Weidl

    GOD BLESSED AMERICA with the election of DONALD TRUMP!!! Thank you God and thank you Americans who voted for God and the Bible. I can’t fathom people who do not make God the priority of their lives. I live for eternal happiness with HIM I live in Westmoreland County in Western Pennsylvania. We are primarily blue collar.Westmoreland County was instrumental in Pa. going to Trump. He had roughly 160,000 votes to the liberal satanic Hilary. That was huge. To me Hilary and Obama are in satan’s army. But he is a level above them in that satan admits he is evil!! We love you God ! Without God we are nothing, we can do nothing and we have nothing!

  • I agree!

  • Jack Schwab

    If I may be so bold to say that in extolling the virtues of Donald Trump, we may be preaching to the choir…
    Trump’s GOD is the dollar. He said a lot of things people wanted to hear, no matter if they were true or not. That got him elected. Now the country has a loud, self-centered egomaniac who will be setting American policies for the next four years. And, I voted for him. He was the lesser of two evils in my mortal opinion.

  • Patricia A. Shenyo

    Praise God! He answered our prayers. Our Prayer Group has been praying the Rosary every day after morning Mass for our Country for a number of years. I believe that our Blessed Mother, the Saints, and the Angels had a hand in securing a victory for us in this election. We all need to follow God’s Ten Commandments and once again become ONE NATION UNDER GOD WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL, THE BORN AND THE UNBORN.

  • Patty Becker

    The election of Donald Trump was another LEPANTO- type victory! Prayer made all the difference, and we need to continue to pray, even more fervently, for protection of Trump and Pence. The Evil One is working through the Alinsky-trained anarchists that we see rioting in the streets—but have no doubt there is also treachery being plotted behind the scenes as well. No boogeyman, dears–just the “politics” of the Progressives. Remember: they truly believe ANYTHING is permissible if it helps to achieve their goals. (The EWTN 90 minute expose of Alinsky is worth watching/buying.) God save the Union!

  • Victoria Hope

    I am so glad that you exist and do this tremendous work. During nine days fast, and other days of fasting and praying, for some reason I thought of America a lot and pray Hilary Clinton will not succeed.
    I am thrilled that conservative views are heard, and God bless America forever. From Western Australia Catholic and Croatian Community.

    • hillaryLiedAmericansDied

      Thank you for your prayers for our country! They are sincerely & wholeheartedly appreciated & reciprocated! 🙂

  • Deacon John Walsh

    The first of the three priorities must be the protection and respect for all human beings made in the image of God. This is a foundational Christian belief and will shape legislation around abortion, euthanasia, refugees, gun control and prevent the risk of hard hearted capitalism.
    Moral order must not be presented as a set of grim restrictions but as the key to freedom and happiness that comes from following natural law and God’s will.
    Finally, be open to any political philisophical idea – socialist or capitalist – that serves the first and greatest commandment that sums up all the rest love God and your neighbour. I pray that the whole world opens the door of our hearts to God who is knocking and waiting outside.

  • Helen White

    Dear John, I am Australian and you have hit the nail on the head as we say here, meaning your phrase under Moses and the Ten Commandments quoted above is exactly what our countries need to do to retain protection from the Evil One. Your great country has the moral code “In God We Trust”, let us hope and pray that Mr Trump will abide by this motto and lead your country and the world to a greater good, staying with the Natural Law and not outside it.
    Our Government is trying to pass these unnatural laws for euthanasia, redefining the natural law of marriage to satisfy the homosexual community (they can have their way with a civil union performed by a celebrant without the change to the Sacrament of Marriage), Abortion, and bringing into primary school homosexual beliefs to radicalise our little ones.
    Thank you for your information and updates, very much appreciated.
    Our weekly Cenacles and prayer meetings always include your President and people of your country.
    With kind regards
    I remain sincerely yours
    Ms Helen White
    South Australia

  • Jack Schwab

    While I certainly agree with most of your hopes for our country, I fear that we are too far gone into all of the pie in the sky baloney that we have been fed by our political leaders for way too many years, for many of them to become reality. The entitlements and the benefits that have been begun by all the ‘rights’ acts that favor the minorities are far too ingrained to EVER be changed without MORE demonstrations and violence. I wish this was still Rockwell’s America, when most American heads were still on straight. It’s not. I can’t help but become furious when I read and see how America has belittled God and His teachings. ACTUAL change in this country will require a LOT of prayer, and some serious action from our citizens, and help from our Lord.

  • Eileen Tiernan

    I have read the above article “Did God give America a reprieve”. I am sure that the result of the American election is an answer to prayer not just for America but gives the wider world hope that in the words of Our Lady of Fatima ” in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. That best describes my feeling (as an Irish person) hearing the result of this election, Whatever we felt about the candidates and their suitability that the result was an answer to prayer which was nothing short of a miracle given the odds against getting a candidate elected who was offering to bring about change and change for the moral good of the people as well.
    I would like to say though that I would like to hear less finger pointing and more of a Christian Spirit of encouragement towards Donald Trump. Despite his past human failings, and who are any of us to judge, he showed openness in his campaign to democracy and Christian values. I think the future good of America rests upon him; what an immense responsibility he has been given in the role of leading America. He now deserves the prayer support and encouragement of the people in this important task. I didn’t get a chance to follow his campaign very closely but heard one of the last statements he made just prior to the election. ” this may be my only way to heaven” I was very touched when I heard these words following on what I had heard of the policies he was offering, feeling that America was facing in this election a very clear choice between good and evil. I am glad that they chose the right path and thank God that Donald Trump was a candidate offering the better path. I pray that his leadership will now make all the difference in making America ~Great !!. Eileen Tiernan

  • Emmanuel Akpobolokemi

    Theologians, pastors, priests, bishops, cardinals and other men and women of God have an exceptional role to play for the realization of this dream that God is already making possible. People of God, besides praying and acting, pressurize your church leaders to wake up from their spiritual slumber.

  • Rob Hulbert

    Someone on youtube declared that Our Lady passed on the message to her that She was responsible for Trump’s victory, who at one stage was given zero % chance of winning (by the media, I presume).

  • Stanko Slobodnik

    I am the Lord of Hosts – Creator of all. I come once again to redirect the will of man. I have seen these times coming for all eternity. Many of the leaders that I saw fit to put in place were sacrificed on the altar of abortion. Therefore, events and actions have taken turns that I had hoped would be avoided. Priorities in hearts have been twisted to accommodate evil agendas. This is because My Commandments are disregarded.”

    “I desire mankind’s respect, and even more, I desire his filial love. If I was loved, My Commandments would be loved. Obedience to My Statutes would be esteemed. As it is, mankind finds every form of disrespect towards My Commandments acceptable and pleasing.”

    “Do not wonder at devastating storms and fires occurring in this nation.* I am not smiling on a nation that flaunts disrespect for righteousness. Become, once again, one nation under God. Be united in sound morals. Make of this country a ‘safe haven’ for Christians fleeing the tyranny of false religions – religions that seek political power. Make this nation a sign of peace for all nations to follow.”

    “Be My obedient children.”