Pro-Life Ladies Offer Alternative to Feminist ‘Day Without Women’ Strike

Pro-Life_Ladies_Offer_Alternative_to_Feminist_Day_Without_Women_Strike-300x200 Pro-Life Ladies Offer Alternative to Feminist 'Day Without Women' Strike

Hundreds of small groups of pro-life ladies are gearing up to celebrate the purity and goodness of true womanhood on Wednesday, March 8th.

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SPRING GROVE, Penn., March 6, 2017

“The level of any civilization is the level of its womanhood” – Archbishop Fulton Sheen.

Lady Day started as an idea posted on the Catholic Lady Blog by Colette Zimmerman.

She wanted to offer pro-life women an alternative to the March 8th general strike called “A Day Without Women,” which urges women to stay home from work in support for radical causes like Planned Parenthood, abortion, and same-sex “marriage.”

RTO-mini2 Pro-Life Ladies Offer Alternative to Feminist 'Day Without Women' StrikeFree Book: Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society—Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go

These are the same pro-abortion feminists who marched on Washington, D.C. in the shockingly vulgar March for Women.

Colette Zimmerman’s post went viral, and a national event was born. It’s called Lady Day.

Hundreds of small groups of pro-life ladies are gearing up to celebrate the purity and goodness of true womanhood on Wednesday, March 8th.

They plan to go to work in an especially ladylike manner, in elegant and modest dresses, to go out to tea with friends, and to do works of charity.

These inspirited ladies are rallying around the slogan: “Pure Goodness at Work.”

Moriah Webinger from Chardon, OH comments: “What a wonderful idea! I have 15 women already signed up for tea – it is a treat really! We are also informing the local paper too.”

“I want my daughters to be truly feminine; pure and good,” said Brenda Asso a mother of nine from Lancaster, PA. “Abortion! Never! Don’t even think about it. It’s contrary to our maternal instinct,” she said.

Marie Sallinger from Lafayette, LA says the idea of celebrating true womanhood is “inspired.” She adds: “I understand the evils of feminism and want to do something about it. I have many good Christian lady friends. And I’m so happy to celebrate this day as a lady.”

The prayers and the participation of hundreds of women in Lady Day aim to celebrate true womanhood, which in turn, fosters higher moral standards in society and among children.

For more information on Lady Day celebrations, please visit:

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  • Linda Dokey

    Praying for Our Pro-Life Ladies! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

  • Proud mother and friend

    Proud to stand with you all!

  • Dave Powell

    A Day for true lady’s to stand up and be proud they are the real support of our society..

  • Joseph111

    This is so AWESOME!!! I am really proud of our ladies who stand for the dignity of women! God Bless you all!!

  • Martha Watson

    I will be praying for all of you Ladies
    and especially for our daughters and granddaughters to remain faithful to the Lord and His teaching.

  • Deb OHara Rusckowski

    I applaud this effort of Lady’s Day. I am a pro-life woman, mother and nurse. I also worked as the Respect Life Education Coordinator for the Archdiocese of Boston for 8 years, now I live in NYC and help the Sisters of Life regularly. With all that said, please allow a little constructive criticism. Tomorrow, March 8th is a Wednesday- it is a work day. To highlight women having ‘tea parties’ puts an elitist tone to the entire effort. Although I love tea, planning a tea party in the middle of the work week is not something that Is usually done amongst my friends and colleagues, if at all possible. Hate to say it, but it sounds like a bunch of rich ladies trying to find something to do as they complain about the state of feminism-surely you could have come up with something better than that! The complaint from the left is not to ‘turn back the clocks.’ Therefore, please be realistic that women–yes us pro-life ladies– are busy, hard working and still find the radical feminism insulting to womanhood. We need to show the younger generation that we are strong, educated and we value ALL lives, which includes the unborn and aged.

    • Susan L

      The tea parties seem silly to me too. If you work outside the home, go as yourself, well dressed and bearing yourself with dignity. If you work as a home maker, take your kids with you on your errands, well dressed and bearing yourself with dignity. Do charitable works. Pray at an abortion clinic. Visit shut ins. Be the strong hard working woman you are.

      • Deb OHara Rusckowski

        My thoughts exactly Susan L!

  • SheilaF

    Visit , find the 40 Days for Life Lent 2017 Campaign nearest you, and pray along with the 40 Days for Life Campaign, for as many hours of March 8th that you can spare, for women in this and future generations to be spared from the worldwide holocaust of abortion. Baby girls are decimated in a great majority of the sex-selective abortions in the world and at least half of all other abortions:

  • Pamela Wentland

    Being proud in who God created us to be!

  • Karen Vargas


  • Cindy N Johnny Meehan

    WOW just wow.

  • Mary Petnel

    Love this – saw it too late. I’m a lady.

  • Dalma Kalogjera

    the 8th of March was and is a legitimate Holiday. It celebrates , above all, women’s right to vote. This right did not fall from the Sky but had to be fought for with lots of effort and against lots of opposition, now mostly forgotten.

  • Dalma Kalogjera

    The 8th of March also became known as MOTHERS Day in communists Countries and was also fused with some aspects of Valentines Day in bringing flowers and gifts to women and young girls.

  • Dalma Kalogjera

    In no way is the 8th of March currently a revolutionary holiday (SOMEONE already did that battle) but making women feel special in some way.

  • Dalma Kalogjera

    In no way is 8th of March a holiday for marching or going on strike – quite the opposite- and these are purest affectations possible.

  • Dalma Kalogjera

    Women’s reproductive rights as they are called today were NOT , repeat NOT the focus of early suffragettes who only wanted for women to be able to vote. Reproductive rights were decided on a level of each Country as that is a matter of State law.

  • Dalma Kalogjera

    The 8th of March seems to be co-opted today by anyone who feels like it. NEVER INTENDED to be a pro-gay movement but womens suffrage. Communist states of the relevant era (post war) condemed homosexuality and it was a criminal offence. Until those strictures were lifted.

  • Dalma Kalogjera

    I am sorry to be so blunt- but there is no need to redefine the 8th of March Lady s Day is some nebulous substitute and represents an attempt to accuse women’s suffragettes of being abortion promoter and gay rights promoters. Study history. Abortion was at first illlegal in Communist countries- was a criminal offence.

  • Mary Nadeau

    I suggest March 25th as “Lady Day,” because it’s one of Our Lady’s feast days, the Annunciation. What better model of true femininity than Mary, the Mother of God? At the Annuciation, she said Yes to God through Gabriel – and the world changed!!!

    As well, March 25th is called Lady Day in England and is traditionally the first day of Spring. Perhaps a new Springtime for true femininity is in order.

    This year March 25th falls on Saturday, so many women are not working at paid jobs. What better time to celebrate our femininity by enjoying tea or coffee together, spending time in charitable works, or simply dressing beautifully and modestly and gathering with other like-minded women to observe Lady Day in whatever way you see fit? There are as many ways to spend Lady Day as there are women. Let’s get creative, girls! 🙂

    Mary Nadeau