Campaigning for Return to Order at Penn State

By Ben Broussard.

returntoorderpsuOn Monday, September 9, 2013, members of TFP Student Action visited Penn State University in State College, PA to campaign for the new book Return to Order: From A Frenzied Economy to An Organic Christian Society – Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go. The campaign took place near the university’s main gate. The young volunteers arrived just as many students were heading to class. As the red standard was raised with the American flag, the ambience was soon enhanced by the bagpipes and drums, attracting attention from all sides. It wasn’t long before curious onlookers approached to see what it was all about.

Return_to_order_PennStateThe young men quickly set about engaging passersby about the topics expounded in the book and distributing hundreds of flyers titled “How to Restore the Economy and the American Soul.” The flyer gave a brief description of the book Return to Order, included testimonials in support of the principles expounded, and included a special offer to purchase the book at a student discount. Along with the flyer, many students filled out a survey asking their thoughts on the current state of the economy. Later on, the survey results revealed a surprising result: though 50% of recent college graduates are either jobless or underemployed, a majority of those taking the survey stated they still feel optimistic about their prospects after graduation.

Even though the campaign focused on economic issues, it was evident TFP Student Action members were recognized from previous campaigns on campus. Shortly after the campaign began, one passing car honked in support, while later on another driver shouted from the window, “People can love whoever they want!”


Return to Order: Crucial for today’s youth
It quickly became apparent to the TFP members that many aspects of contemporary culture rightly criticized in Return to Order were permeating the lives of the students who passed. In discussions during the day, the young men noted the individualist mentality that could be seen in the surprising number engrossed in their own music and focused on a handheld device. The massified culture pervading American society was no different here, so many donning the same fashions and sporting the same hairstyles.

As the classes let out for lunch, a rush of students passed through the intersection. This provided several more opportunities for the spreading of sound principles, yet vast numbers were clearly imbued with frenetic intemperance—rushing frantically from one task to the next, many encumbered by burdensome debts, loath to consider life’s higher ideals.

Subscription8.11In mid-afternoon, the standards were lowered, and the volunteers made their way home, thankful for an opportunity to spread a much-needed message. With this first campaign on a university campus promoting Return to Order and the principles of organic Christian society, the young men ended the day by discussing new tactics which can be employed to better reach college students at this and other campuses, and more effectively bring about America’s Return to Order.