A Return to Roots in Kansas

 A Return to Roots in KansasA return to order means a return to our roots. As a native Kansan, my recent book tour in the state represented something of this return. The late September weekend visit represented a homecoming of sorts since it served to help recall examples of many of the topics discussed in the book, Return to Order.

I found the book’s theme of an organic Christian society resonates well in the heartland. The calm rural character of the state contrasts with the frenetic intemperance denounced in the first part of the book.

What made this tour so interesting were the people I met and the places I visited. One short presentation took place in a large tent amid the rolling Flint Hills in central Potawatomie County. Over 330 TFP friends and supporters gathered together for a huge picnic/meeting celebrating family and Catholic values. The whole atmosphere reflected a great longing for a return to order.

Another talk was held in Kansas’ oldest city, Leavenworth. It was a dinner/discussion at a converted nineteenth century warehouse in the old downtown area of the city. The Sunday evening presentation was followed by a lively discussion of the book’s themes.

Yet another event was a book signing at the packed parish hall of the church of Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne in Kansas City, Kansas. During this talk, one could see the concerns of Catholic families in dealing with the crisis inside the Church and society. A lively discussion with refreshments followed.

Subscription11As I go around the country, I am impressed by how much Americans really desire a return to an organic Christian order. Such desires go completely contrary to media reports that give the impression that the only thing Americans want is the instant gratification of a frenetically intemperate world.