Who Should Read Return to Order?

Who Should Read Return to OrderIn promoting a book, one of the first things you are asked to do is to define your target audience. If you can identify the type of person who should read the book, then you can concentrate your efforts on reaching those people.

In the course of promoting the book, Return to Order, I have chosen a number of technical categories of thinking, concerned Americans that would benefit from the book’s message. However, in corresponding with someone about the book, I was struck by a phrase that he used which I feel hit the target.

The man wrote that he was sending a copy to a dear friend and employer “who grieves over what is happening to America.” This single expression says it all.

When reading the expression, I was struck with a sentiment of deep emotion. My intention in writing the book was to address exactly those who grieve over the nation. If the book touches those Americans, then I would consider it worth all the effort.

Return to Order was written for those who grieve. Indeed, it is the product of my own grief that prompted me to want to help those Americans who are searching for answers. It was written for those who grieve not only for their own misfortunes but those able to look beyond themselves and grieve for the state of affairs to which we as a nation have been reduced. It is for all of those who still believe America is worth fighting for.

At the same time, the expression helps define those for whom the book was not written. It is not for those who want to continue to revel in our party economy. Those who do not want to see the approaching crisis need not waste their time. People who live in their own little worlds with no concerns about the common good of society will not be interested.

Subscription6For those who grieve it is my hope that they will find solace in the timeless principles found in the book. As happened to me, I pray that this grief will awaken in readers longings for the Father’s house and a desire to fight for a restoration of Christian civilization. From this grief, we may yet experience the joy of seeing America’s return to order.