Return to Order – in a Chocolate Shop

In the words of one reader, the book, Return to Order, targets those who “grieve for the nation.” I could not have put better since it was indeed written for those who have the vision to look beyond their own self-interest and are concerned about the state of the nation. The difficult question is: Where do you find those who grieve for the nation?

I found my answer when I recently went to visit a man who was vaguely interested in holding a book signing in a most unlikely place—a chocolate shop. I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical about the possibilities.

However, since I was in the area, I decided to drop by and see if something could be arranged. Upon arriving, the young man at the counter informed me that the owner was out and was not expected back for the day. I explained to him how the owner had expressed some interest in a book signing and I would probably call back later. In the meantime, I ordered a small cup of the shop’s excellent ice cream.

As he served me, the young 20-year-old man unexpectedly asked: What’s your book about? I explained that it was about our frenzied and unbalanced economy and the need to return to the basic institutions of family, community and faith that serve to put economy back in balance. That is why we need to return to order.

He then asked if I thought the economy was due to crash, if I thought we are suffering from a moral crisis and other questions that surprised me by their depth and focus. Upon replying to his questions, I took out a copy of Return to Order that I had in my bag and showed it to him.

He looked at the book, asked the price. When I replied, he immediately bought it and asked me to sign it. It all happened so quickly that I was somewhat in a state of shock. With some skepticism I had sought to have a book signing at the shop, here I was actually signing a book on the counter.

Subscription5However, the most interesting part was yet to come. The young man explained that he had read from the book of Isaiah and saw so many similarities between our times. As a consequence, he was preparing to fast for the nation. In other words, he truly grieved for the nation.

And so I learned a lesson. Those who grieve for our nation can be anyone—even among 20- year-old young men—and found anywhere—even in a chocolate shop.