Return to Order at Olivia’s

photoWritten by Zechariah Long.

Concerned Americans from the Gettysburg, Penn. area gathered together for a double book signing event with two award-winning authors on October 19. The topic of the meeting was “What’s Dividing the Nation and Why it is Important That You Make a Difference.”

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International speaker and author of Return to Order, John Horvat II, and Norman Fulkerson, contributing editor of Crusade Magazine and the author of the award-winning book, An American Knight, shared their insights about how to overcome the present socioeconomic divisions in the nation and return America to sanity.


“It is significant that we are here at the site of one of the nation’s greatest battlefields,” remarked Mr. Horvat about the event. “Today, we face a huge moral battle for our nation’s future.”

The well-organized event took place at Olivia’s Restaurant, a small local restaurant. AfterSubscription11 the talks, lively conversation followed as light fare and beverages were served.