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Some of the most beautiful things in life are not planned. Good conversations, close relationships or works of art are all examples of things that usually just happen. No strict planning is needed or even desired. Marvelous things naturally develop to the extent that the intellect is in order and the instincts and tendencies are … Read more

Taking Away Our Sense of Wonder

Return to Order The Concept of Universals 2

Josef Pieper explains how our modern world has suppressed the sense of wonder and marvelousness that should be part of our spiritual, cultural and intellectual life. He writes: “Wonder does not occur in the workaday world…and in a totalitarian world of work every form of and manner of transcendence is bound to wither, (would perish, … Read more

New York Clerk Refuses Same-Sex Marriage License

Return to Order New York Clerk Refuses Same-Sex Marriage License 2

Imagine reading the following article: Jefferson Center — Joan MacIntryre and Jane Andrews have dreamed of a wedding with all the trappings. Joan has pulled out all the stops to bring it all together. Jane is taking care of the flowers. Relatives are coming in from all over. The event is planned for late October, … Read more

Forget Black Friday, Think Black September!

Return to Order A Textbook Example of Frenetic Intemperance 2

In their rush to get the jump on competitors, major retailers are already starting their holiday sales offers. While shoppers are not yet lining up at box store entrances in the summer heat, they are being actively solicited by retailers with special announcements of holiday savings. Already in late August, Toys R Us declared that … Read more

The Stability of Generations

Return to Order The Stability of Generations 2

When speaking of the traditional family, we must see it as more than just the sum of living members composed of a father, mother, and children. Throughout history, the family has always been understood to mean the unity of the whole lineage of ancestors and descendants. It was only with the Enlightenment that this universally … Read more

Is Capitalism the Problem?

Return to Order How Money Should Be an Expression of Culture 2

I received a very interesting e-mail from a gentleman who has bought the book, Return to Order, and raised a number of very intriguing questions and comments. His concern is that the book misdiagnoses our modern problem by not going straight to the root of the problem – capitalism. To get results, he claims, one … Read more

Return to Order: In the News

Return to Order “Return to Order” Featured on Television Show 1

Since its launching, the book, Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society – Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go, has been in the news. Many media interviews with author John Horvat II have already appeared as more and more people become aware of the … Read more

3 Ways to Revive the Heart & Soul of the Economy

Return to Order Towards An Organic Christian Society 2

It’s Not an Exact Science; That’s Why Other Factors Must Be Considered, Says Socio-economics Scholar. The crux of the 2008 economic collapse was the abstract and unnatural repackaging and sale of subprime mortgages, which were sold on the false premise of being valued products. The world learned the hard way that these were toxic assets … Read more

A Debt Hits One Quadrillion.

It is largely symbolic but it does express well the problem. Japan’s economy is in trouble. The country’s debt burden has now topped 1 quadrillion yen. Japan’s central government debt at the end of its fiscal year was 1,008,628,100,000,000 yen which translates into some $10.5 trillion dollars. At 230 percent, Japan has more debt as … Read more

What Causes Stress…

Return to Order What Causes Stress…

Media theorist Douglas Rushkoff makes the good point that today’s stressful environments are a matter of doing too many things at the same time without adequate means of communicating with others. He writes: “When the social now is relegated to the multitasking digital envirornment, we may expect the results we have been witnessing: teen suicides, … Read more