Embedding Honor in Society, Restoring Trust

Medal of HonorWe must ask how a rule of honor can be restored. To this we would reply: fill society with principles, ideas and moral values and the influence of the rule of money will greatly diminish.

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When guiding principles govern conduct, money cannot buy men’s loyalty. When society is blessed with a rich and balanced intellectual life, it shows “far greater esteem for all that has to do with true religion, philosophy, art and literature than for what has to do with the good of the body and the exploitation of matter”—the reign of money. When society has morals, money’s ability to facilitate sin falls upon deaf ears.
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We might also highlight the role of true elites in this task. By their concern for the common good, these representative figures are in a natural position to preserve, defend and spread Christian principles, ideas and moral values. If faithful to the virtue, culture, refinement and education that naturally come from their traditions, they can serve as models for all society. If society at all levels is filled with representative figures who value and embody all these things contrary to the brutal rule of money, their influence will greatly favor the return of the benevolent rule of honor.