Fostering an Organic Society: The Existence of Natural Laws

Fostering an Organic Society: The Existence of Natural LawsExcerpt adapted from the talk, “Fostering an Organic Society: Principles and Examples” given by James Bascom at the 2013 TFP National Conference on October 27, 2013

The second principle of organic society is the existence of natural laws.
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God, who is the Author of nature, created fundamentally immutable laws which should orient man throughout his life. The created universe is full of laws: laws that govern human acts (the Natural Law), laws of human psychology, the family, the laws of the physical universe, laws of science, laws of reasoning, metaphysical laws, laws of aesthetics (of beauty and proportion) and countless others. It is up to man to make these laws explicit, to know them, love them and organize his whole life around them.

Beauty, for example, is a quality of God and of his creation. Medieval man wonderunderstood this and tried to make all things reflect the beauty of God and sought to discover the laws and principles that governed this beauty.

Beauty, logic, goodness, and virtue all form a marvelous whole, and this can be seen in medieval art and architecture. Such art and architecture was both in coherence with Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, but also was a lively expression of the personality of the artist.

Subscription8.1The socialist in his pride hates the very idea of law and relentlessly strives to violate all the laws of nature, especially the Natural Law. For the socialist, man does not discover God’s laws, but determines what the law is himself.





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