Tell Illinois Secretary of State: No Satanic “Christmas” Display


  Satanists are are attacking the coming of Christ with a terrible anti-Christmas display at the Illinois State Capitol. The display last year was a “swaddling” devil child that is half human, half goat (image on left), which reports described as an infant depiction of “Baphomet,” a devil that mixes man and animal, and even … Read more

Sign Petition to MGM to Cancel “Romantic” Cannibal Movie

MGM Studios, along with Warner Bros., is releasing a “teen-romance” cannibal movie this November. The film Bones and All follows a couple of cannibals on a self-seeking road trip, while sympathetically painting their vice as part of who they are. Simply put: Bones and All is a movie that portrays cannibals as normal people! According to reports: “Bones & … Read more

Sign the Petition to Flemish Bishops to Repeal “Blessing” for Homosexual Couples


The bishops of Flanders, Belgium, are attempting to push homosexual “marriage” by giving official “blessings” and “services” to open homosexual couples. A document issued on 20, September 2022, and published in the name of the Flemish bishops, includes a suggested service to bless homosexual unions. The wording overtly states that homosexual couples are “faithful” and … Read more